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Is it possible to see more that the most recent output?

by MikeAtkinson » Mon Nov 18, 2013 7:42 am

Is it possible to see more that the most recent output - this can be useful for comparisons?

To see previous outputs go to the "Query History" pane (open it from the View -> panes menu if necessary). Selecting a query from the tree will show that query and its results. This shows only that query so it is not very good for comparisons.

There are two ways to see more than the one output.
  • In the Query History pane-right click on a query and from the pop-up menu select "Open query in new window". You can do this for multiple queries. I've found that it is difficult to make comparisons by this method when there are lots of rows and/or lots of columns.
  • In the Query History pane select two queries, and from the right-click pop-up menu select "Compare results". A diff between the two resultsets is show. There is no way that Console can know what constitutes a deletion of a row and addition new row as opposed to an altered row, so the "number of diffs in a row" can be changed from its default of 3. You can also rerun the query and compare the new results with the original.
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