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Editing while a script is running

by MikeAtkinson » Mon Nov 18, 2013 8:57 am

Is it possible to Edit code in the same window/query editor whilst the code is running

For Kog scripts it is not possible to edit scripts while they are running. As Kog scripts are compiled and have loops, functions, etc. there are no clear semantics about what should happen for arbitrary edits. A future version of Console will have the ability to alter variables while stopped, but this has a low priority.

For SQL scripts if the script is stopped (e.g. at a breakpoint, or when single stepped), then the script may be altered. Any changes made to lines that have not yet been run will be performed when the script is continued.

If the intention is to let a script run to completion while changing it for a subsequent run then the script should be copied to a new script editor and altered there.
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