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New Mac (OSX) version of Console

by MikeAtkinson » Tue Nov 24, 2015 9:12 am

We have created a Mac version of Console which may be downloaded from Console downloads.

Although similar to the Windows and Linux versions it has a few differences:
  • It uses Qt 5.5 whereas the other platforms use Qt 4.7.
  • A new layout of Ad-hoc query and script panes which places the resultset next to the Options/Query History/Info area. So that using the query history to see different result sets is much more intuitive.
  • Single tab level for the ObjectView, Scripts, ad-hoc queries and macros, this makes better use of screen space on wide laptops, and is less confusing.
  • ODBC is via direct connection to the Kognitio ODBC driver, not via an ODBC manager if one is present (so ODBC configuration dialog does not work).
  • There is no support for crash report generation.
  • New Tools (implementation only just started), these are turned off in configuration by default:
    • Memory Manager
    • RAM Access
    • Network Manager
    • Health Check
    • Freeform entity diagrams
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