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Console version 80101s160608

by MikeAtkinson » Mon Jun 13, 2016 10:59 am

This is mainly a bug fix release, but also adds the "Check for Updates ..." Version Check tool.

For a full list of Console bug fixes and enhancements in previous versions see What features are new in Console?

New Features
    1. Check for Updates tool - this allows users to see whether there are new versions of Console or the Kognitio Analytical Platform and to download the new version or patch. Turn on using Console "General" "Miscellaneous" configuration, you may also need to set the proxy to use.
    2. Add kog.writeTable(config, csv) Lua function.
    3. “Use a module to hold a table transpose function, write result to database” example
Bug Fixes
    1. Typo in user privileges macro.
    2. Login restrict dialog does not reflect changed state of login restrictions.
    3. Stop “Failed to read entity file” error message.
    4. “Create image test:-” as a table comment makes the “Create Text” tab display the wrong image text.
    5. Column editing in Table Object View does not handle defaults and charset correctly.
    6. Case 19132: Don’t include QtHelp in the Console build as we don’t use it (needed for Mac OS X only, we pushed a Mac release out to fix this).
    7. Fix various problems with tracing required kog scripts.
    8. Use actual filename of a required kog/lua script to determine if it is a Kog script.
    9. Always update slabs displayed in the Table Object View after they have been changed.
    10. Add data/time formatting explanation into Loader and Unloader tools Time/Date tab.
    11. Get current info for table/view before finding the number of rows in the Table/View objects views (because otherwise it may do a count(*) on a table only on disk.
    12. Change “Restored after crash” to “Restored script” because unsaved scripts are restored when a second Console instance is opened.
    13. Case 19172: greyed out “OK” when creating table via Console.
    14. Error updating row count for a temporary table .
    15. Delete Report failed to remove a crash report from the display.
    16. Don’t show comment about Console in dialog when downloading Kognitio.
    17. Case 19237: If we don’t allocate a statement handle, then don’t store query data against that handle.
    18. Regression: != <= and >= do not work in SQL script if statements.
    19. Allow CTRL+C copy when selecting table column headers.
    20. Uninitialised variables when trying to load file which doesn’t exist.
    21. Cloning user shows password in “Actions” tab.
    22. User passwords may be visible in Console Query Monitor.
    23. Run version check whenever “Check for updates …” action performed.
    24. Don’t start a download while another is still in progress.
    25. When double clicking on the current version set Download as the default action.
Tool and ODBC Driver Bug Fixes
    1. For the KogScript tool when CTRL+6 or closing the terminal abort the current query and close the ODBC connection.
    2. Regression: kogscript command line tool crashes on execution of second SQL statement.
    3. Remove unnecessary "rollback failed" warning from wxloader
    4. ODBC: Fix SQL_ATTR_CONNECTION_DEAD connection attribute
    1. Improve Console Kog scripting documentation.
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