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Console version 80101s160712

by MikeAtkinson » Wed Jul 13, 2016 2:41 pm

This version of Kognitio Console adds some new tools and wizards and has several minor enhancements to existing features.

For a full list of Console bug fixes and enhancements in previous versions see What features are new in Console?

Memory Manager tool
This tool shows memory usage for each node in the Kognitio system. As well as the major memory used for RAM stores, the memory used for compilers, interpreters, the disk store, etc. are shown.
Future enhancements to this tool will allow management of RAM store sizes.

RAM Access tool
This tool shows current RAM usage and a graph of usage over the previous couple of minutes.
The tool also shows current and previous CPU activity for all cores in the Kognitio server.

Networking Manager tool
This tool shows current messaging activity within the Kognitio system.

Getting Started wizard
This wizard aims to help new users to Kognitio get started with downloading, installing, setting up and using Kognitio.

New Features
    1. Use WebEngine for Qt 5.6 and above (OSX version of Console)
    2. Memory Manager tool
    3. RAM Access tool
    4. Networking Manager tool
    5. Getting Started wizard
    1. Update to Lua 5.3.3 – a bugfix release.
    2. Version Check: sometimes downloads 32bit version when 64 bit version installed.
    3. Update Console Help home: for Hadoop, Qt 5.3.3 and Console training.
    4. Add a SILENT flag to unloader and loader config when running under Kog scripts, so that the neither progress dialog or any other dialog/output are shown to the user.
    5. Ignore spaces around the = in unloader and loader configuration strings.
    6. Allow unloader query string to be surrounded by " quotes.
    7. In the VersionCheck tool indicate current ODBC driver by green arrow (if it is different from Console version).
    8. Add (hidden) option to open web pages directly into Console webviewer.
    9. Improve Check Tables tool to allow checking of tables, views and schemas dragged from the metadata tree.
Bug Fixes
    1. Version Check: sometimes downloads 32 bit version when 64 bit version installed
    2. Assign result of addMSecs() in MemoryManager
    3. Add qHash(ValueBase &lv) to QtLua to avoid compile error.
    4. Fix various potential issues the OSX compiler found.
    5. Get rid of some compiler warnings.
    6. Chain running .dmg on Mac OSX when Download then Update selected.
    7. Show wizards in menus according to their enable state.
    8. Fix crash when getting diagram menu and the database has been disconnected.
    9. Work around bug in Qt (QTBUG-49954) reported as QTBUG_53898.
    10. Regression: privileges in metadata tree do not display their icons.
    11. Fix crashes in Loader, Unloader, Importer and Exporter tools which may occur when database has been closed.
    12. Don't crash unloader when called from a script and not connected to a database.
    13. Unload using a query should handle "select" case insensitively.
    14. Don't call insertAction() with null action(s).
    15. Crash in Linux Console due to uninitialised action.
    16. Fix crash in SQLScriptView::executeCurrentStatment() due to no executable tokens.
    17. Syntax highlighting does not always reflect changes in configured font/size.
    18. Don't use metadata while it is being deleted.
    19. When switching between servers queries may be left as queued in the Job Monitor.
    20. Version Check: for Qt 4.7 builds show release notes in browser.
    21. If JSON file fails to sample with “fmt_json 1” try “raw 1” instead – this copes with long lines
    22. Dropping and recreating an external script whilst external script object is select from system pane goes into infinite loop.
    23. Don’t show warning about no suitable script environments unless experimental shell data browsing is enabled.
    24. Actions re applied to the current script in the DatabaseView rather than to a script in its own dock which caused the action.
    25. Loader: after loading from Console memory, next load should not default to $$MEMORY$$
    26. Fix crash in SQL Processor
    27. Row count item uses count(*) from tables not in RAM.
    28. Row Count/Image Size not updated in Table Object View when table in metadata tree has image dropped or created.

    1. fix unterminated-string interval wrong result bug.
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