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Console Version 80101s160908

by MikeAtkinson » Tue Sep 13, 2016 12:11 pm

This version of Kognitio Console adds an update toolbar, user registration, gathering statistics, and has lots of minor enhancements to existing features.

For a full list of Console bug fixes and enhancements in previous versions see What features are new in Console?

64 bit Console on Windows
The 64 bit Console on Windows has been updated to compile with MSVC and use Qt 5.7, for Windows this is the preferred version for new users. Existing users should probably continue to use whichever Console (32 bit or 64 bit) they are currently using. The Windows ODBC manager picks up different DSNs depending on whether 32 bit or 64 bit Console is used.

Update toolbar
When updates are available, or the user is not registered an update toolbar is shown.

User registration
Console users may now register with Kognitio. This is entirely optional and does not enable or disable any features in Kognitio Console other than allow registered users to take part in the Console beta programme.
Registration is performed by email at present.

Gathering Statistics
When Kognitio Console connects to a Kognitio Analytical Platform to which the user can access as "SYS" and which they have access to various system tables then Console gathers statistics on the Kognitio Analytical Platform and creates an email to send to Kognitio. The usage statistics are such that they do not divulge confidential information, but will help Kognitio in further improving the Kognitio Analytical Platform.

The Kognitio Console configuration option "Gather statistics and post them to Kognitio" in the General, Miscellaneous page allows this feature to be turned off.

Performance Improvement
Another major change is that Console now cancels SQL metadata query jobs that are no longer necessary, when for instance an Object View is shown before the queries for the previous Object View have completed. Similarly when the Data Audit tool is closed any outstanding SQL query jobs for it are cancelled.

It also has a priority system for SQL metadata queries queued within Console, those that are expected to take a significant time to run are given a lower priority and will start execution after short queries.

New Features
    1. Update toolbar – shows when updates or registration is possible.
    2. Gather and Post/Email Kognitio statistics.
    3. Allow users to register with Kognitio.
    4. Allow users to participate in Console beta test program.
    5. Add Users Object View (double-click on Users in metadata tree) to show RAM usage for each user.
    6. Add User RAM Usage tab to UserObjectView
    1. Add context menu and clear function for script variables in Qt Lua Console.
    2. External Data Browser:
      1. Make the first column of local browser fixed while the others are scrollable.
      2. Make the first column of external browser (e.g. Hadoop) fixed while the others are scrollable.
      3. Change order of columns for Hadoop to show the most important ones first.
    3. Store information about database access in configuration.
    4. Add option to email crash Console reports to Kognitio.
    5. Only allow some upgrades and installations to licenced, supported or Hadoop systems and/or to registered users.
    6. Update window title to show when Kognitio is running on Hadoop.
    7. Add “describe” as a new initial SQL keyword.
    8. Data Audit:
      1. Case 19753: saving data audits never enabled
      2. Add Save Audit to Excel
      3. Add Save Audit to File as JSON, CSV or HTML
      4. Add loading and saving data audit specification (tables to audit, etc.)
      5. Add table name to the top right of data audit table tab.
      6. When saving to Excel set the sheet name to the table name.
    9. Check Tables:
      1. Add Save Audit to Excel
      2. Add Save Audit to File as JSON, CSV or HTML
    10. Add a “Try to reconnect after “Communications link failure”” Configuration option (on by default).
    11. Improve frig to make Check Tables tool work with pre 8.2.0 Kognitio
    12. Added new ItemDelegate for URLs in result tables, clicking on them shows them in your configured web browser
    13. Performance: Further optimisations in performing SQL queries within scripts.
    14. Upgrade to use Qt 5.7 (64 bit Console).
    15. Don’t collect statistics for pre-8.1 systems.
    16. Only send new crash reports to Kognitio.
    17. Send register requests to
    18. In JobMonitor if there are selected queries then only copy those queries with CTRL+C
    19. Improve JobMonitor with a clear contents button.
    20. Add busy indicator to SessionsObjectView
    21. Add busy indicator to DataAudit
    22. Add busy indicator to CheckTables
    23. Performance:
      1. Add a priority to SQLProccessorJob, set long running queries as low priority.
      2. Don’t do row count twice in TableObjectView.
      3. Comments are hoovered too frequently.
      4. Cancel DataAudit jobs when data audit tool closed.
      5. When switching to a new ObjectView cancel jobs for the current object view.
    24. Alter Security Class object view so that individual fields may be changed.
    25. Add a cancel button to Data Audit.
    26. Use separate queues for high, medium and low priority SQL jobs
Bug Fixes
    1. SQL Scripts: CTRL+L of a selection may execute past the end of the selection.
    2. Remove password from query history when statement complete.
    3. “Initialising script” overwrites statement test in Kog Script history.
    4. Data Audit tool does not recognise columns correctly unless “Load column data on connection” configuration is set.
    5. Some system-wide and schema-wide privileges only available in 8.1.1 and later are shown for 8.1.0 Kognitio databases
    6. Dropping and recreating an external data source may cause a crash.
    7. Patch level truncated to 9 characters in SystemObjectView.
    8. Regression: “Connect to more than one concurrently” unticked does not work (i.e. it does not disconnect when moving from one Kognitio system to another).
    9. Data Audit tool puts Top N Values in wrong place in audit table.
    10. Replaced some inefficient code.
    11. Wrong length used in SQLHighlighter::handleSpecialFunctions().
    12. Incorrect query used in Query Analyzer, temp tables have IDs above 200,000,000.
    13. Avoid a Qt error of sending event to an object owned by a different thread when doing a setProperty().
    14. Replace of multiple spaces generates unexpected extra instances of the replacement string.
    15. Use job->deleteLater() rather than delete job, and consistently use e-accept() for events.
    16. The option to turn off Version Checks should really turn them off.
    17. Connector Object View too large – use a scroll area.
    18. Fix an undefined pointer error found by clang static analysis.
    19. “Status” tab widget for Scripts is sometimes blank.
    20. Don’t execute next line (if it is a SQL Statement) when aborting paused Kog script.
    21. Avoid a potential NULL pointer error in Table Object View “Keys” tab.
    22. Don’t repeatedly run query in SystemObjectView when distribution cannot be initially obtained.
    23. console SQL query (calculating number of distinct commands) is wrong for 64bit ODBC and is also returing: DS000D: Record too large (64 bit console only in s160825)
    24. Painting outside viewport problem for charts with Qt 5.7
    25. Case 19939: Multiple unloads in the script may go wrong.
    26. Don’t send statistics multiple times for the same database.
    27. Crash in unloader due to not running unloader_init() before calling handle_error()
    28. External Data Browser does not work with existing HDFS External Data Sources
    29. Determine 64/32 bit better (so that Mac builds do not say 32 bit)
    30. Change built exe from console.exe to wxconsole.exe (this matches up wxconsole.exe and wxconsole.pdb so that crash reports show file and line numbers)
    31. Don't send stats multiple times for the same database (fix it properly this time)
    32. Ad-hoc queries sometimes not run when disconnect then connect to the same database

    1. ODBC: fix wrong result when fetching DECIMAL as DOUBLE
    2. ODBC: fix wrong result converting decimal to numeric struct
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Re: Console Version 80101s160908

by matfior » Tue Sep 13, 2016 4:19 pm

the download link to the latest console is not updated, so I still get the old version.

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Re: Console Version 80101s160908

by MikeAtkinson » Tue Sep 13, 2016 4:24 pm

Sorry about that, the new Console will be put on the download page soon. In the meantime if you are running a recent version of Console, then you can download updates via the "Version Check" pane (from the Help -> Check for Update menu item).
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Re: Console Version 80101s160908

by markc » Tue Sep 13, 2016 4:27 pm

Apologies - everything should now be updated. Note that the 64-bit downloads are now a lot bigger to support better diagnosis of any future issues.
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