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Console Version 80101s161006

by MikeAtkinson » Wed Oct 19, 2016 4:01 pm

This is mainly a bugfix release with a few minor enhancements.

    1. Improve Check Tables Against Other Databases so that the hashes module need not be created by the user.
    2. Show the distribution in the Table/View object view.
    3. Improve Version Check tool to handle release without patch and location URL for web page which is not a download.
    4. Use the MSVC version of kogscript.exe for 64 bit MSVC builds
Bug Fixes
    1. Don't gather statistics if use does not have access to necessary system tables.
    2. SYS.IPE_ALL_PARAM used in queries when user doe snot have access to it.
    3. Case 20034: Nullability is wrong in Table Object View columns tab.
    4. Crash when destroying Connector Object View
    5. Crashes in external data browser
    6. Clear “Extra Info” for each new script error
    7. Show SQL query errors in job monitor
    8. Regression: can no longer create security classes without Console crashing
    9. Fix the Kog Table Manipulation example
    10. Switch back to original SQLScriptView when ending a script
    11. Don’t disable the Stop button when Kog script is RUNNING_DEBUG
    12. Regression: Object Views are no longer removed when object removed from metadata.
    13. Robustness:
      1. Use QPointer for all QueriedItems that may be deleted by cancelling jobs.
      2. Check pointers for NULL before QPointer wrapped objects are used.
      3. Use Q_ASSERT to do many more checks when running debug builds
      4. Add further defensive programming checks in various places
    14. Wrong test for invalid ExtScript in ScriptTabWidget
    15. Crash when aborting Kog script on a Lua line.
    16. Don’t try and set syntax colouring for a zero length token
    17. Enable Stop and Pause buttons while required Kog script is running Lua lines
    18. Fix crash in SQLScriptView::updateScriptResultsForKog()
    19. In one of the paths through Version Check tool enabling the download location is reversed.
    20. Networking Manager tool links item is not updated correctly
    21. QML QuickView dialog not shown for new Qt web implementation
    22. Turn QML QuickViz off until it works again
    23. Abstract out QMessageBox calls so that we can work around bug in Qt.
    24. Change copyright date on various files.
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