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Console Version 80199s161101

by MikeAtkinson » Thu Nov 03, 2016 2:26 pm

This release fixes several regressions, a number of bugs and adds a few enhancements. Scripts now update the metadata tree in limited circumstances, in future this feature will be extended.

New Features
    1. Update metadata tree when script creates or drops table/view or user/group.
    1. Improve All Work Saver.
    2. Updated on-line help with latest documentation changes.
    3. Add debug for scripts (output by setting hidden configuration option options/experimental/debug true).
    4. External Data Browser: improve expansion of directory tree nodes.
Bug Fixes
    1. Better detection of when connection is lost to the database.
    2. Regression: Check Tables tool fails for tables or schema, but not for queries.
    3. Crash in Performance Wizard.
    4. Regression: table object view not removed when table dropped.
    5. Regression: All Work Saver no longer saves rows.
    6. Data Audit tool does not handle mixed case column names correctly.
    7. Update Check does not handle download errors well.
    8. If results status is RS_ERRORED don't set it to RS_COMPLETE.
    9. Don't delete KogRunner while Lua is executing.
    10. Regression: Data Audit does not accept drops Summary and Audit tabs in 32 bit builds.
    11. Regression: activate/deactivate plugin not available from plugin popup menu on 64 bit Qt 5.7 builds.
    12. Regression: QuickViz has stopped working.
    13. Regression: column editing no longer works.
    14. Crash in Info tab when clicking on view with no image in Dependencies tab.
    15. “Initialising Script” being wrongly overwritten by first statement when starting Kog script for the first time.
    16. While paused the abort button should stop the script, but not close the ODBC session.
    17. Fix external data browser to work with the predefined DHFS External Data Source.
    18. Don’t delete KogRunner while Lua is executing.
    19. External Data Browser is updating the tree twice for the same path.
    20. Don’t free Kog Script ODBC session unless we really have to.
    21. Spurious extra ODBC session created by Kog Scripts in some circumstances.
    22. Improve Kog Script execution setting of version variables.
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