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Console Version 80199s170313

by MikeAtkinson » Thu Feb 23, 2017 11:14 am

This is a release containing bugfixes for the previous 80199s170215 release.

Minor features and enhancements
    1. Add a "Rows Processed:" field to the Load Progress dialog
    2. Use SQLCancel and SQLEndTran to abort any query on a connection before disconnecting session.
    3. Use SQLCancel to abort a query, only fall back on trying the previous method "update SYS.IPE_CURSESSIONS set ABORT=1 where SESSION=<sessionid>" if the SQLCancel fails.

Bug Fixes
    1. Crash in SQLScriptView::getContinuation() due to a null pointer.
    2. Syntax highlight Lua operators before a '(' correctly.
    3. Avoid a throw/catch in getLuaVariables(), which may be slow.
    4. Get rid of some more memory leaks found by valgrind, especially some leaks in the RAM Access Manager.
    5. restoreSceneFlags() failing for RAM Access, Memory Manager and Networking Manager tools.
    6. View submenu for RAM Access, Memory Manager and Networking Manager shows no items.
    7. System Version does not update when svr is upgraded and connection auto reconnects.
    8. When automatically emailing crash reports to Kognitio, place the "Reported to Kognitio" string at the beginning of the report.
    9. Loader "rows loaded" actually shows the rows processed, need to subtract the start record.
    10. Crash in SQLQueueProcessor::run() due to database being deleted while a query is in progress.
    11. Save Memory Manager and RAM Access Tool scene before elements are removed.
    12. Work arround Qt bug that means that Metadata query results with a lot of rows are not being deleted.
    13. When scripts are closed they fail to abort the currently running query.
    14. Do not close script while it is in the middle of executing a query, wait for the script to be aborted.
    15. Avoid a potential null pointer error.
    16. Do abort on worker thread so that it does not lock up the GUI.
    17. When doing an abort update the buttons to disallow another abort action.
    18. Crash in ConnectAgainOnGui if database has been closed.
    19. Console hangs on closing a database if query still running, do the closing session part of closing a database on a background worker thread.
    20. Fixed a few compiler warnings.
    21. In response to Kognitio server reachability problems, Console may try and show a ConnectDialog that has been deleted.
This release may be obtained from the Kognitio update site: You may also download and update via the Version Check tool ("Check for Updates ..." in the Tools menu).
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