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Console Version 80200s180404 FEATURE VERSION - RELEASE CANDIDATE

by MikeAtkinson » Thu Mar 16, 2017 11:13 am

This is an release candidate of the next major feature release of Console. It contains all the bug fixes included in the 80199s180327 release, and the following features.

Although some new features are not yet fully tested, it is believed to be reasonably stable for existing features.

This release may be obtained through the Version Check tool within Kognitio Console. This may be turned on by selecting "Enable check for updates" in the configuration "Miscellaneous" pane.

It is also available from our updates website ... 180404.exe

Major Features
  • KogScript
    1. Full Unicode within KogScripts, including variable names, strings and within SQL statements.
    2. New range syntax extension to Lua language
    3. Range module
    4. SQL module
    5. CSV module
    6. XSI module
    7. DataFrame module
    8. DateTime module
    9. Lanes QtLua Wrapper module
  • Git integration
    1. Stage (add), unstage current file
    2. Commit
    3. Fetch, pull and push for remote repository.
    4. Open git gui and gitk tools
  • Projects
    1. Create project
    2. Open project
  • Other
    1. Handle Ram Groups (Kognitio 8.2 feature) within Console.
    2. Improve Script Debug.
    3. Update to Lua 5.3.4 - a bugfix release.
    4. Add a find in table function for both table views and table widgets.
    5. Add coloured tabs to Console, so that it is possible to see ownership of tabs when connected to more than one Kognitio Analytical Platform.
    6. Add checking for script files changed outside Console and give option to load those instead.
    7. Logical view of Ram Stores for Memory Manager to complement existing Physical view.
    8. New 64 bit Linux console now built with Qt 5.9.3
    9. Built in ODBC configuration for Linux and Mac.
Minor Features
    1. Updated UI:
      1. Added Data and Admin menu-bar menus
      2. Moved items between menus
      3. Reduced icons on toolbar.
      4. Remove History pane, add historyTree to Logs pane.
      5. Added more tooltips for configuration.
    2. New user experience:
      1. Removed Logs and Query History from default layout.
      2. Added History to default layout (on left)
        1. Removed Contents, Index, Search and Open Docs panes from History
        2. “Show help for text under cursor” and “Show help buttons on dialogs” now enabled by default.
      3. Show Help pane by default.
    3. Added “Reset Kognitio Console configuration” to General options.
    4. Improvements to on-line documentation
    5. Update to use Qt 5.9.3 for Windows, Mac and Linux (all 64 bits), Windows 32 bit still uses Qt 4.7
    6. Syntax highlighting of external KogScript within S'kog( ... )kog'.
    7. Rename Script Variables to Script Debug to better reflect its purpose.
    8. Use CTRL+ALT+C to create a html version of a script and put it in the system clipboard.
    9. Add tooltip to MemoryManager showing node infor (cpu, bios, os, etc.).
    10. Handle Principal Name (kerberos support) in User Object View.
    11. Added Recently Used Objects list to Systems pane.
    12. Improve Slabs Diagram with Reclaim/Repack information.
    13. Enable check for updates by default for new Console users.
    14. Console qDebug() output now piped to Debug log (a UI to control this will be added soon).
    15. Update icons to new Kognitio logo.
    16. Added “Trace required scripts here”, which puts all trace lines from required scripts in the base script history.
    17. View dependencies not updated after running script statements.
    18. Save changes to script files, restore changes when restarting Console as a single edit.
    19. Update to latest Lua Lanes.
    20. Remember splitter positions for Sessions and Script views.
    21. Refactored KogRunner
    22. Allow $fn() in KogScripts
    23. Added low server overhead mode (and configuration option).
    24. Dependencies:
      1. Add tabs to Connector, Script Environment and External Script object views to show dependencies.
      2. Show connector that external table depends on within dependencies tab.
      3. Show connectors, external scripts and script environments that views depend on within dependencies tab.
      4. Show script environment that external scripts depend on within dependency tab.
    25. Improve activity log by adding when objects are destroyed and some activity counts.
    26. Performance improvement by using better containers, about 10% faster running queries and many metadata operations, about 5% smaller.
    27. Help:
      1. Update Help for 8.2
      2. Improve Help for Dialogs (especially Configuration) and Tools documents.
      3. Context sensitive help now defaults to Kognitio 8.2.0
      4. Improve context sensitive help for some SQL statements.
    28. Save log files with .log extension by default and show save file name in log tab.
    29. Update server messages for Kognitio 8.2.1
The following bug fixes are not in the latest 80199s180109 release.

Bug Fixes
    1. Handle recursive variable _index._index in script debug
    2. Crash in setVariable() due to using wrong luaState.
    3. Reset values in variables[] when doing resetColVariables with valid luaState.
    4. When switching views ensure that the new runningView has current kogRunner.
    5. Esc key does not work on Find / Replace dialog.
    6. Connector Object View not updated when shown.
    7. Fix warning: suggest parentheses around ‘&&’ within ‘||’.
    8. ScriptDebugItem SQL incorrect.
    9. Improve connection timeout.
    10. Don't override restored state for Slab Migration pane when "Don't show slab migration pane" configured false.
    11. Update ScriptRun text when ending script.
    12. Ensure NULL parent before deleting.
    13. Refactor to use new WxScript::ScriptType.
    14. Improve resizing of resultset columns/rows.
    15. When single stepping and running try to keep entire statement visible.
    16. Close luaState when switching to SQL script.
    17. Typo "adim" in Connection dialog.
    18. Don't show ram used in Problem Queries tool when transaction (crtrans) is -1.
    19. SQL_NEED_DATA is not an error, but treat it as such when running KogScripts.
    20. Session combo switching from <current> when it shouldn't.
    21. Only close luaState if the script has one, SQL scripts don't.
    22. Console metadata queries should not end in a ;
    23. Free database ODBC handle when closing database.
    24. Running KogScript query when disconnected, then connect to database, still gives disconnected error.
    25. Remove Don't show the Messages/Query History Pane config, as they are no longer panes.
    26. Crash running KogScript due to invalid luaState.
    27. Regression: KogScript.exe now crashes.
    28. Crash if runningView->currentStatementLastExecutableToken is not set.
    29. Show elapsed time for query in script run total time.
    30. Substitute $variables in History for SQL expressions in KogScripts.
    31. Occasional spurious character at end of execute selection.

This release candidate may be obtained through the Version Check tool within Kognitio Console. This may be turned on by selecting "Enable check for updates" and "Participate in Kognitio Console beta test program" in the configuration "Miscellaneous" pane.

By installing it into a different place than the default it is possible to have this release candidatesoftware installed along with the release software.
It is also available from our updates website ... 180404.exe
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