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Console Version 80199s170322

by MikeAtkinson » Thu Mar 23, 2017 1:28 pm

This is a release containing bugfixes for the previous 80199s170313 release.

Minor features and enhancements
    1. Add debug_rows so that the number of rows shown with sqldebug can be varied.

Bug Fixes
    1. Fragmentation not used correctly within Console, which shows up as occasional incorrect tooltips.
    2. Crash when reconnecting to database that has been restarted.
    3. Regression: Console web access does not work for Qt 5.7.1
    4. Bug in QtLuaQObjectWrapper due to missing {} around a series of statements .
    5. Crash when expanding Script Variables tree when more than 2 levels deep.
    6. Spurious '\0' at end of some char columns on Linux.
This release may be obtained from the Kognitio update site: You may also download and update via the Version Check tool ("Check for Updates ..." in the Tools menu).
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