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Console Version 80199s170619

by MikeAtkinson » Wed Jun 14, 2017 3:38 pm

This is a bugfix release of Console. Several crash bugs have been fixed.

Minor Enhancements
    1. Update to use Qt 5.9
    2. When only a single row of results, set columns as attributes in the Lua table.
    3. Change script variables (script debug) to use CTRL+C for copy.
Bug Fixes
    1. Regression: Content for views is obtained even when they are not in RAM
    2. Various Clang static code analysis bugs:
      1. Uninitialised variables may be used in ImplWxSession::getMetadata if connection errors while executing this function.
      2. potential to dereference a null pointer in ImplWxScript::setResultsForLua if the luaState member variable is null.
      3. potential to dereference a null pointer in ImplWxScript::kogtoken if ls parameter is NULL.
      4. In onStarted in wxc_connectdialog.cpp various possibilities of dereferencing a NULL pointer.
      5. Potential to dereference two NULL pointers in CreateDimensionTable::schemaUpdated.
      6. Action not always checked for null in DatabaseActions::getActions.
      7. potential to dereference a NULL pointer in Profiler::sample_statistics.
      8. metadata not checked for NULL in FileDataItem::update.
      9. potential to dereference a NULL pointer in HelpButton::focusChanged
      10. Coding error && used when it should have been || in 9 places in wxc_kognitiometadata.cpp, these could potentially cause crashes if various functions were called while the metadata was freed.
      11. Potential to dereference a null schema variable in KognitioTables::removeTable.
      12. Potential to dereference a NULL view variable in MainWindow::showProblemQueriesOnGui() and MainWindow::openWebViewerOnGui().
      13. Dereference of a NULL db variable if MainWindow::disconnectFromServerOnGui() is called when not connected to a database.
      14. Potential to dereference a NULL SQLExecutor in Metadata::getProcessorForDataItem() if not connected to a database.
      15. QueueObjectView::aboutToShowMenu() can dereference a NULL variable due to == being used instead of !=
      16. In ErrorWidget::setError() errorTextEdit could potentially be dereferenced when NULL.
      17. In TableDiffModel::data() rowItem may be dereferenced when NULL.
      18. In TableDiffView::hirschberg() two delete should actually be delete[].
      19. In wxc_tableview.cpp there are three places where createTextItem may be dereferenced when NULL.
      20. There are also ~60 potential memory leaks that have been fixed.
      21. There are also various other minor deficiencies fixed.
    3. Fixed Crash when getting Table tooltip.
    4. Fixed some warnings when running the External Data Browser.
    5. currentRun and currentGroup may be destroyed twice.
    6. Use better fonts for Linux (on first install).
    7. Add OK button to new installation dialog.
    8. Don’t set the WindowStaysOnTop hint for the getting started wizard, to avoid locking up the UI.
    9. Fix typo in getting started wizard.
    10. Improve layout of Configuration panes.
    11. Various minor code improvements
    12. Crash after viewing System Object View “Distribution” tab.
    13. Small improvement to script error messages.
    14. Activity log may contain very long lines, which causes the debug files to be huge.
    15. Make many std::wstring and std::string parameters const.
    16. Lua sql() function shows query complete when SQL error occurs if it is the last function executed.
    17. Crash in ImplWxScript::executeServerStatement() due to invalid statement.
    18. Add a C macro to ensure that we really don’t delete widgets with a parent widget. (This should fix the crashes that Andy Wood is seeing).
    19. Crash in SQLProcessorQuery::run() due to null job.
    20. Console messages updated to include those new to 8.2 (64 bit Windows only)
    21. Crash with EntityDiagram Schema “Expand” menu option.
    22. After a schema has been dropped there is a small window when the schema for a table may be NULL.
This release may be obtained through the Version Check tool within Kognitio Console. This may be turned on by selecting "Enable check for updates" in the configuration "Miscellaneous" pane.

It is also available from our updates website: ... 170619.exe (Windows 64 bit) ... 170619.dmg (Mac OS-X) ... 619.tar.gz (Linux)
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