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Console Version 80199s170913

by MikeAtkinson » Thu Jul 20, 2017 3:51 pm

This is a bugfix release release of Console. Several crash bugs have been fixed.

Bug Fixes
    1. Potential for DatabaseView::currentDatabase() to return NULL.
    2. Update to use Qt 5.9.0
    3. Horizontally fragmented table uses count(*) which is slow.
    4. Show rows in RAM in the Table Object View "Info" tab.
    5. RAM Usage tab computation wrong for horizontally fragmented tables.
    6. Crash when destroying cloned SQLProcessorJob.
    7. DataItem::crunch() goes off the end of the array.
    8. Regression: Question dialogs no longer use 'Y' and 'N' shortcuts for the "Yes" and "No" buttons.
    9. Underline keyboard shortcuts QProxyStyle hint.
    10. Fix failing console tests.
    11. Crash in isMacroValid() due to NULL macro.
    12. Crash in AllWorkSaver due to uninitialised variable.
    13. Crash when stopping spinner movie when deleting TabWidget.
    14. “drop table if exists …” does not show “if” as a keyword.
    15. Don’t show debug output in Log pane by default (it’s a hidden configuration option)
    16. Crash in SQLProcessorQuery::run()
    17. EnsureConnectionSqlCallbackJob not handled correctly leaving “select 1” in queued queries.
    18. Use correct type for all SQL row counts.
    19. Improve getting group metadata associated with group ID.
    20. Copy&paste into Address: of connection diealog can leave new line in address:port string.
    21. Lua multiline strings with = in their terminator (e.g. [=[ a string ]=] ) do not syntax highlight correctly.
    22. Lua multiline comments with = in their terminator (e.g. --[=[ a comment ]=] ) do not syntax highlight correctly.
    23. Improve consistency of obtaining database session name.
    24. Improve cancelling of jobs.
    25. redirect_fprintf() with NULL stream causes crash when double-clicking on Kog script in Windows explorer.
    26. Improve kogscript.exe error message when cannot connect to server.
    27. Run Schema::update() only when all drop views/tables are complete.
    28. Allow "cont" from ScriptVariables view prompt when doing a debug.debug().
    29. Crash if external script deleted from metadata but not from extScriptsById
    30. External scripts not being updated when a schema in the metadata tree is expanded.
    31. EditingKog Scripts
      1. Only show blocking GUI thread warning if blocked for more than 1 second.
      2. Lua parser does not handle "here" strings correctly when they contain ]].
      3. Crash in ImplWxScript::isEndOfSuperString()
      4. Lua Parser does not handle "here" strings correctly within SQL statements.
      5. Values in "Session:" combo in Script Options tab may be invalid.
      6. Only re-parse the script if it has changed since the last time it was set.
      7. Clicking on Lua statements in history shows following comments as well.
      8. Kog Script '/' does not parse if not followed by a space.
      9. KogScript syntax highlighting '%' is not recognised as a symbol.
    32. Running Kog Scripts
      1. Add script variable "WCSerrorMessage" to hold the error message - set to "OK" on no error.
      2. Crash in executeServerStatement due to null luaState.
      3. Crash in KogRunner::wakeLua().
      4. Reset nextStatement when running a KogScript.
      5. The Lua state was not updated with the currently executing script file when moving into and out of modules, this caused the strange behaviour seen when executing a function in a module and Console seemed to be executing a completely different line.
      6. Inconsistent use of nextStatement (and the statement expanded text in QString and std:wstring formats) caused the odd anomaly.
      7. Writing to the kogSource variable within the lua callback function is asynchronous with the UI, causing the UI to use the wrong source file.
      8. Only use a single KogRunner object to hold the state of the script execution, previously new KogRunner objects were chained when a new module was seen, but this was just unneeded complication that does not work well.
      9. Update the running status for the base view from the running view and then set the old running view’s status to NOT_RUNNING when returning from a required module.
      10. Update the WxResults and ScriptResults immediately after the next statement is set.
      11. Callback from Lua before a require is executed so that a script with unsaved changes may be saved before loading the script into Lua.
      12. Add “required script” as first item in history list when running a required module.
      13. Add in the next “Run N” into the history list for required modules.
      14. Start new KogRunner when executing a script as a top level script after previously executing it as a required module.
      15. Consistently store the script results within the Lua state.
      16. Crash when handling a QShowEvent while a script is being deleted.
      17. After an entry in the history is complete, then stop the timer which caused periodic updates of its state.
      18. Single Step after a breakpoint within required module does not work.
      19. Single Step yellow arrow gets left behind when switching between required modules.
      20. Kog Script $var$ in SQL does not recognise var as a Lua variable.
      21. Kog Scripts may get the line number wrong when parsing complex SQL with $ variables.
      22. If exception in KogRunner occurs then about running script.
      23. History for Lua statements shows following comments.
      24. Various bugs in Kog Script UI execution, especially when going into modules.
      25. After resetting Lua state ensure local references are updated.
      26. Only wake Lua at end of doKogQueueEvent()
      27. Missing single step arrow when stepping backwards in file.
      28. Crash in AbortOnThread while exiting.
      29. Don't get new SessionProcessor unless necessary. (causes a new session to be created each time a script is run).
    33. Performance
      1. Process dependencies a bit at a time to avoid blocking the GUI thread.
      2. Improve performance of obtaining dependences to avoid blocking GUI thread (work around Qt 4.7 bug).
      3. Showing “All User/Group Privileges” in system object view can block the GUI for extended periods.
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