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Console Version 80199s171128

by MikeAtkinson » Thu Oct 12, 2017 11:18 am

This is a bugfix release candidate of Console. A several crash bugs have been fixed, and many other issues to do with running KogScript

This release may be obtained through the Version Check tool within Kognitio Console. This may be turned on by selecting "Enable check for updates" in the configuration "Miscellaneous" pane.

It is also available from our updates website ... 171128.exe

New Features
    1. Show when it is unknown whether view has all dependencies in RAM by colouring the text grey.
    2. Show where KogScript module is required from in module’s history
    3. Show full path of module in info for require statement.
    4. Improve switching between windows style and menu style toolbars.
Bug Fixes
    1. Crash in setVariable() due to using wrong luaState
    2. Reset values in variables[] when doing resetColVariables with valid luaState
    3. When switching views ensure that the new runningView has current kogRunner
    4. Esc key does not work on Find / Replace dialog
    5. Connector Object View not updated when shown
    6. Fix warning: suggest parentheses around ‘&&’ within ‘||’
    7. Improve connection timeout
    8. Update ScriptRun text when ending script
    9. Improve resizing of resultset columns/rows
    10. When single stepping and running try to keep entire statement visible
    11. Close luaState when switching to SQL script.
    12. Typo "adim" when resetting password in Open Database Connection dialog.
    13. Don't show ram used in Problem Queries tool when transaction (crtrans) is -1
    14. SQL_NEED_DATA is not an error, but treat it as such when running KogScripts.
    15. Session combo switching from <current> when it shouldn't.
    16. Only close luaState if the script has one, SQL scripts don't.
    17. Show Servers dock on database connection after a reset window state.
    18. Console metadata queries should not end in a ;
    19. Update bugfix branch to use Qt 5.9.1 and MSVC 2017
    20. $ variables are not being substituted in the history for execute selection.
    21. When resetting script state if it is a Lua/Kog script but has no Lua state then create one.
    22. Case 21649: $variable followed by newline does not parse.
    23. Case 21649: SQL Script not replacing $ variables for Execute Statement or Execute Selection .
    24. Regression: $variable$variable does not parse.
    25. $variable$variable does not parse for SQL Scripts.
    26. $variable$variable$variable does not parse for KogScripts.
    27. Case 21649: $(variable) followed by newline does not parse.
    28. Run kog script, drop database, run script, connect database, run script fails to pick up new script.
    29. Regression: crash with required script.
    30. Regression: trace only for first time required script runs.
    31. Regression: running kogscript in debug with required module crashes.
    32. Regression: KogScript not always single stepping into functions in required modules.
    33. Caller and callee required scripts should share a single QtLua::Console.
    34. Kogscripts should not create a script view for a non-existent required module.
    35. Try harder to remove temporary save files, and warn if they cannot be remove.
    36. Take the default font and font size from the UI font.
    37. KogScript running line highlight does not stay on line the whole time the SQL statement is executing.
    38. KogScript running line highlight does not stay on line the whole time the SQL statement is executing.
    39. show query times during long running queries and adds modules execution times to the base view.
    40. Add "(Paused At)" status in history, to show statement kog script is on while paused.
    41. Restored scripts are not lost on Console exit.
    42. KogScript run selection, pause, then run does not show script executing on correct lines.
    43. Don't create unnecessary Lua states.
    44. In-RAM status for views may be wrong if a dependency has not been loaded into the metadata tree.
    45. In-RAM status for views is not always updated when schema is expanded.
    46. Clean up statement handle after cancel, abort and when disconnecting.
    47. Change install order to try and avoid installer warning.
    48. Script hangs if ctrl+R used to run a script that has not been executed before.
    49. Occasional crash when calling a module the second time with a Lua parse error in it.
    50. Various library fixes:
      1. Improve SSL library.
      2. Improve shared library suffix guessing.
      3. Feature to extract values form load filename components.
      4. Support custom ways of saying “null” in a partition value.
      5. String to coldef improvement.
    51. $ variable not shown correctly when paused at single step.
    52. Crash in getErrors() after a SQL_STILL_EXECUTING error.
    53. Make doubly sure that ODBC handles have been allocated before using them.
    54. Crash if session queue handler is null.
    55. Don't mix up source files when single stepping kog scripts.
    56. Use SQL_MAX_MESSAGE_LENGTH for messages from the ODBC driver (longer messages).
    57. Missing ability to set max_rows missing for kogscript.exe
    58. Improve highlighting of kogscript executing line.
    59. Regression: shell() command has stopped working for KogScripts within Console.
    60. When closing Lua State clear other Kog Script views which have the same old Lua State.
    61. Regression: for KogScript when not Load Required Scripts, second SQL query causes script to abort
    62. Calling module causes lines in history to be wrong.
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