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Console Version 80199s180327

by MikeAtkinson » Wed Apr 04, 2018 10:24 am

This is a new Release from the bugfix branch.

This release may be obtained through the Version Check tool within Kognitio Console. This may be turned on by selecting "Enable check for updates" in the configuration "Miscellaneous" pane.

It is also available from our updates website: ... 180327.exe Windows 64 bit ... 180327.exe Windows 64 bit console only ... 180327.exe Windows 32 bit ... 180327.exe Windows 32 bit console only ... 327.tar.gz Linux ... 180327.dmg Mac OS-X
Bug Fixes
    1. Update Console messages for Kognitio 8.2.0
    2. Update Max OS-X build and release files.
    3. Improve SQL Script “shell” command.
    4. Slab Usage macro query wrong .
    5. Allow $(var) in SQL Queries.
    6. Refresh syntax colouring when changing to another script.
    7. wxunloader -N mustn't quote empty strings unless asked to.
    8. Fix change to wxunloader man page.
    9. Don't save a crash restore file for a script that has been restored.
    10. Ensure limit of open sessions to a database is respected.
    11. Update to use Qt 5.9.4
    12. Fix crash in ImplWxResults::getConstData()
    13. Remove backup save file for scripts that are closed without saving.
    14. Restoring metadata from cache has a bug in it which leads to the data in the wrong fields.
    15. Change CTRL-F5 to use 10 digits for session id
    16. Fix crash caused by change to use Qt 5.9.4
    17. Recalculate column sizes for contents tab after sort.
    18. Problems when recommissioning systems.
    19. Kog Scripts don’t run until edited (me).
    20. Dealing with special characters (UTF16) in Kogscript e.g. €
    21. $ at end of a string is not parsed correctly e.g. '$' or 'abc$', it is being interpreted as the start of a $ variable when it clearly cannot be.
    22. Object not deleted (just removed from UI) when database closed. (Multiple Diagram menus )
    23. Remove backup save file for scripts that are closed after saving.
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