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Console Version 80199s180524 (Bugfix)

by MikeAtkinson » Tue May 29, 2018 9:29 am

This is a new Release from the bugfix branch.

This release may be obtained through the Version Check tool within Kognitio Console. This may be turned on by selecting "Enable check for updates" in the configuration "Miscellaneous" pane.

It is also available from our updates website: ... 180524.exe Windows 64 bit ... 180524.exe Windows 64 bit console only ... 180524.exe Windows 32 bit ... 180524.exe Windows 32 bit console only ... 524.tar.gz Linux ... 180411.dmg Mac OS-X
Bug Fixes
    1. Fix race condition when disconnecting while statements still executing
    2. Get “ET010F” info from IPE_CONV_ERROR
    3. Syntax colour LISTAGG function
    4. Initial save of file does not work if "Copy previous file on save to name with ~ on the end" config option set.
    5. os.exit() fails due to incorrect index into Lua stack to detect usage within Console, leading to crashes in kogscript standalone
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