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Console Version 80200s180815 (feature release update)

by MikeAtkinson » Wed Aug 29, 2018 3:03 pm

This is the version of Console which is to be preferred for new installations.

It contains all the bug fixes included in the 80199s180815 stable branch release. It is believed to be reasonably stable, please report any bugs to Kognitio.

This release may be obtained through the Version Check tool within Kognitio Console. This may be turned on by selecting "Enable check for updates" in the configuration "Miscellaneous" pane.

It is also available from our updates website: ... 180815.exe (Windows 64 bit) ... 815.tar.gz (Linux 64 bit) ... 180815.dmg (Mac OS-X)

New Feaure
    1. Fully contract results pane to a button
Bug Fixes
    1. Fix potential null pointer error.
    2. In KogScript seconds within expanded timestamp structure should be doubles.
    3. Don’t try and find find help for empty table name.
    4. Arrays with one element are not expanded in the Script Debug tree.
    5. Case 21933: Queues used for more than 99 days causes RS0088 error in Console queues.
    6. Column comments with new lines in them are not shown as an empty string if they start with a new line.
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