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Console Version 80203s190510 (Release)

by MikeAtkinson » Wed Mar 27, 2019 3:51 pm

This release supports new features of Kognitio 8.2.2 and 8.2.3, and has many other enhancements, improvements and bug fixes.

This release candidate may be obtained through the Version Check tool within Kognitio Console. This may be turned on by selecting "Enable check for updates" in the configuration "Miscellaneous" pane.

It is also available from our updates website: ... 190510.exe Windows 64 bit ... 510.tar.gz Linux 64 bit ... 190510.dmg Mac OS-X
Known Bugs
    1. Unloader does not update unload string in some cases.
    2. Script debug mistakenly output in log pane “Debug” tab for Release builds.
    3. Ctrl+B to break a SQL script does not update the script history correctly.
    4. Logging files that should end “.log” now end “sql.log”, “sql1.log”, “sql2.log”, etc.
New Feaure
    1. Improve Version Check tool.
    2. Improve Query Analyser with breakable and uncommitted info. (8.2.3)
    3. Use 64 bit version of ssleay32.dll and libeay32.dll so that https can be used.
    4. Phone Home support in Console. (8.2.2)
    5. Add ability to show diagnose json for statements when running a script (8.2.3)
    6. Add Imaging Queues support to Console. (8.2.3)
    7. Add hoovering of IMAGE_GENERATION_NUM to Console, display on Table and View Object Views. (8.2.3)
    8. Add Copy All Info to Copy All Formatted.
    9. Update to use Qt 5.12.2
    10. KogScript $ variables in SQL can now have array indexes (e.g $z[1] )
    11. When copy&paste from a table view into a SQL editor add /* */ comment around text.
    12. Use IPE_KEYWORDS to determine SQL keywords used by database for syntax highlighting.
    13. Make various hard coded keyboard shortcut actions for script editors configurable.
    14. Improve query builder to handle ‘in’ and ‘lile’ correctly.
    15. Add in code to detect missing or out-of-date dbghelp.dll when creating crash reports.
    16. Add Go To Line dialog.
    17. Use sphinx built help and use web for 8.2.3 help.
    18. Syntax highlight SQL data types.
    19. Another try at fixing the wrong script window size.
    20. Alternate sets of syntax colours.
    21. Loader improvements.
    22. Add config option to expand dollar variables in query history.
    23. Show when KogScript is continuing.
Bug Fixes
    1. External Data Browser can crash if results data item deleted before it is complete.
    2. Avoid crash in using SQLParser results.
    3. gotDbPatchLevel not initialised leading to patch level not being obtained from server.
    4. Console configuration item "Reduce overhead on Kognitio servers" does not update config correctly.
    5. Diagnose widget for KogScript diagnose option not displayed.
    6. Improve addition of sqlEdit to script view. (Kim)
    7. Regression: SQL script no longer displays SQL script variables for debugging.
    8. Single step in Kog Scripts should halt on next SQL statement if "Trace Kog Script lines" not set.
    9. Only remove col<n>[str] variables when executing the next SQL statement.
    10. Crash when doing a “lock system” with “reduced overhead on Kognitio Server” configuration option set.
    11. Fix various regressions in running KogScript
    12. When a queried item is cancelled insert a warning (not an error) into the messages.
    13. Qt Creator warnings:
      1. Fix various warnings from Clang compiler in scriptengmock.
      2. Remove lots of warnings from QtCreator about 0 begin used as NULL (use nullptr instead).
      3. Remove lots of warnings from QtCreator about old style casts.
      4. Remove lots of warnings from QtCreator about signed/unsigned conversions and reduction in precision.
      5. Add various asserts to check that expected conditions actually hold true.
      6. Use typedef types POSITION_IN_TEXT, LINE_NUMBER and COLUMN_NUMBER, with the special value of static_cast<size_t>(-1) meaning INVALID_POSITION or INVALID_LINE.
      7. Use dynamic_cast<type>() followed by if statement in a few places to ensure QObjects are really the type expected.
      8. Add checks for NULL pointers in a few places.
      9. Fix reductions in accuracy or potential overflows due to the casts.
      10. A couple of missing break statements in case statements and various fallthroughs not annotated.
      11. Use of || when it should have been | to or together flag values.
      12. Use of , instead of ; to end a statement in one place.
      13. Comparision of LINE_NUMBER variable with >= 0 when it should have been != INVALID_LINE
      14. Fix warnings from Clang compiler (correct fixes).
    14. Kognitio Node Item may have empty manufacturer, product, serial number, etc.
    15. Add virtual destructors to classes with pure virtual functions.
    16. Crash when creating a subscript. (Kim)
    17. Arithmetic overflow in Console's CTRL+F4 query. (Kim)
    18. Arithmetic overflow in Console's CTRL+F4 query (previous CTRL+F4 was not updated)
    19. Stringify asserts that fail for Console activity log
    20. sqlProc may be NULL in QueriedItem::abortItem()
    21. PERFORMANCE REGRESSION: updating a view which has no image to still have no image is slow.
    22. PERFORMANCE REGRESSION: no need to emit itemChanged(view) when updating the view dependencies.
    23. Error message incorrect: goto <label> is followed by optional ';' (not ':')
    24. When PrettyPrinting DECIMAL(x,y) don't line split at comma.
    25. Improve extraction of substring from SQL Script.
    26. Debug for Scripts was not always being shown on an external scripting error.
    27. Handle paste from Excel as a special case as it encloses the string with a " and replaces " with "".
    28. gputils no longer compiles for Console on Linux.
    29. Update Console copyright to 2019.
    30. Fix warning about using the wrong type in swprintf().
    31. If a statement already has an error don't set it to Complete in query history.
    32. Add 8.2.0 help files on Mac OS-X.
    33. Views can be unloaded, so set view name when opening the Unloader dialog.
    34. Improve format of Script Error pane.
    35. If the script debug info is not available in 2 seconds then abort query and show push button on script Error pane.
    36. Use function to convert from int position to POSITION_IN_TEXT (which ensures invalid positions are correctly handled).
    37. Define Q_GENERAL_ASSERT() outside KOGNITIO_CONSOLE so it can be used in helpfile generator.
    38. Don't query IPE_SCRIPT_DEBUG on data conversion errors.
    39. Improve helpfile generator to use Sphinx generated QHelp files.
    40. Querying IPE_CONV_ERROR may take a long time.
    41. Use the ScriptResults to remember whether extra info has been obtained for a failed script query.
    42. History tree does not show correct statement when executing a selection or query under cursor.
    43. Remember results of IPE_SCRIPT_DEBUG in ScriptResults for a statement.
    44. Only reinitialise Lua when running script from start.
    45. Ensure script view is always set for ErrorWidget.
    46. Selecting a query in the Query History highlights wrong query, etc.
    47. Crash in ErrorWidget::showScriptDebug().
    48. Statement preceded by a comment has that comment prepended to the statement in the Query History.
    49. Improve query builder.
    50. Fix crash in Script Error Widget.
    51. Fix occasional missing script error pane.
    52. Possibly fix crash when creating a subscript.
    53. Put the user's help files into ~/.wxconsole/help on Linux
    54. Update user’s help files and index when doing a Console update or new installation.
    55. Setting the default help collection now re-indexes the collection.
    56. Put the user's help files into ~/.wxconsole/help on Linux.
    57. Enable setting the default help collection on IMac.
    58. Drag and drop from history highlights the wrong line in the script editor.
    59. Execute statement puts the wrong statement text into query history.
    60. HTML escape statements when displaying in log pane.
    61. After single step of SQL script wrong line highlighted.
    62. Top toolbar is black on Mac OS-X.
    63. Crash/Hang when doing a drop schema.
    64. Check QT_VERSION when deciding whether to reset window state on update.
    65. Missing break in case statement in MainWindow::actionTriggered().
    66. “Log” dock not inserted as a dock widget if the window state could not be restored.
    67. Add an extra ';' at the end of Kog Scripts, so that the last SQL statement does not have to end with a ';'
    68. If save fails then don't set the editor to unchanged.
    69. Regression: update to Lua 5.3.5 broke aborting Kog Scripts.
    70. Saving script chooses wrong default based on its type.
    71. image_generation_num not obtained in all table metadata queries.
    72. Don't allow changing the script type while the script is paused.
    73. Query history shows garbled query when "Execute from cursor" selected for SQL Scripts.
    74. Don't block the UI when aborting a SQL Script.
    75. Regression: SQL Script commands that are not SQL statements cause abort.
    76. Regression: Existing SQL results not used when evaluating whether to continue SQL Script.
    77. When opening a SQL script, set textChangedSinceLastRun so that it will be parsed before trying to run it.
    78. When returning from an included script copy updated script variables back into the parent script context.
    79. Highlight all lines in KogScript SQL statement when it is selected in Query History.
    80. PMA full alert should take into account query temp table usage.
    81. Crash when deleting a TableModel child and the model is already empty.
    82. PACKED_MSG_32_64 macro should only be defined for GCC Linux.
    83. Aborting/cancelling jobs while SQLProcessor is exiting may lead to crash.
    84. Crash after removing ScriptResult that was still in use.
    85. The wrong lines are highlighted when subscript is executed.
    86. Fix crash in ScriptDebugView due to null scriptView.
    87. Crash after removing ScriptResult that was still in use.
    88. Add "Close" button to the "About" dialog.
    89. For Kogscript while single stepping/paused “Execute To Cursor” and “Execute From Cursor” menu options are enabled.
    90. Single step Kogscript then stop/abort, then “Execute Selection” -> crash.
    91. Kogscript “Execute”, followed by “Execute To Cursor” does not stop at cursor.
    92. For Kogscripts executing a selection that has a Lua statement (without a training ‘;’) as the last line causes that line to be wrong in the history.
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