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Console Version 80200s190510 (Bugfix Release)

by MikeAtkinson » Sat Apr 06, 2019 6:11 pm

This is a new build from the 80200 branch.

This release may be obtained through the Version Check tool within Kognitio Console. This may be turned on by selecting "Enable check for updates" in the configuration "Miscellaneous" pane.

It is also available from our updates website: ... 190510.exe Windows 64 bit ... 510.tar.gz Linux ... 190510.dmg Mac OS-X
Known Bugs
    1. Unloader does not update unload string in some cases.
New Feaures
    1. Improve Version Check tool.
    2. Update to use Qt 5.12.2 (this pulls in various bug fixes in this long term support Qt).
    3. Show when KogScript is continuing.
Bug Fixes
    1. Crash while trying to log into a server that had not finished booting.
    2. sqlProc may be NULL in QueriedItem::abortItem().
    3. "Go To Error" button not enabled when error offset is available.
    4. If save fails then don't set the editor to unchanged.
    5. Missing break in case statement in MainWindow::actionTriggered().
    6. Crash/Hang when doing a drop schema.
    7. HTML escape statements when displaying in log pane.
    8. Fix crash in Script Error Widget.
    9. Possibly fix crash when creating a subscript.
    10. Crash in ErrorWidget::showScriptDebug().
    11. Don't query IPE_SCRIPT_DEBUG on data conversion errors.
    12. Querying IPE_CONV_ERROR may take a long time.
    13. If a statement already has an error don't set it to Complete in query history.
    14. Don't allow Git Integration when switched off in configuration.
    15. Add in code to detect missing or out-of-date dbghelp.dll when creating crash reports.
    16. When PrettyPrinting DECIMAL(x,y) don't line split at comma.
    17. Error message incorrect: goto <label> is followed by optional ';' (not ':').
    18. Arithmetic overflow in Console's CTRL+F4 query (previous CTRL+F4 was not updated).
    19. Stringify asserts that fail for Console activity log.
    20. When a queried item is cancelled insert a warning (not an error) into the messages log.
    21. Crash when doing a "lock system" with "reduce overhead on Kognitio server" config option set.
    22. Only remove col<n>[str] variables when executing the next SQL statement.
    23. Regression: update to Lua 5.3.5 broke aborting KogScripts.
    24. Saving script chooses wrong default based on its type.
    25. Don't allow changing the script type while the script is paused.
    26. Query History shows garbled query when "Execute from cursor" selected.
    27. SQL Script commands that are not SQL statements cause abort.
    28. Regression: Existing SQL results not used when evaluating whether to continue SQL Script.
    29. When opening a SQL script, set textChangedSinceLastRun so that it will be parsed before trying to run it.
    30. When returning from an included script copy updated script variables back into the parent script context.
    31. Highlight all lines in KogScript SQL statement when it is selected in Query History.
    32. PMA full alert should take into account query temp table usage.
    33. Crash when deleting a TableModel child and the model is already empty.
    34. PACKED_MSG_32_64 macro should only be defined for GCC Linux.
    35. Aborting/cancelling jobs while SQLProcessor is exiting may lead to crash.
    36. Crash after removing ScriptResult that was still in use.
    37. The wrong lines are highlighted when subscript is executed.
    38. Fix crash in ScriptDebugView due to null scriptView.
    39. Add "Close" button to the "About" dialog.
    40. Update Console copyright to 2019.
    41. For Kogscript while single stepping/paused “Execute To Cursor” and “Execute From Cursor” menu options are enabled.
    42. Single step Kogscript then stop/abort, then “Execute Selection” -> crash.
    43. Kogscript “Execute”, followed by “Execute To Cursor” does not stop at cursor.
    44. Query history shows garbled query when "Execute from cursor" selected.
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