Utilising non-SQL programming languages in Kognitio
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Kognitio external script error: no such file or directory

by skkirkham » Fri Aug 28, 2015 4:57 pm

Hi all

A recent question cropped up about the following error:
ERROR: RS 10 S 332659 R 31A004F LO:Script stderr: external script vfork child: No such file or directory
This means the executable defined in your EXTERNAL SCRIPT ENVIRONMENT is not present (in the same place) on all the specified nodes of your Kognitio system.
The installation of third-party software onto Kognitio nodes is identical to installing on any similar Linux OS.

As an example we have a document available that covers installing python and R onto a multi node Kognitio system using the yum repository management system here. See the second half of the document for installing python and R.

Once you have your executables installed then the next step is learning is how to set up your system for using external scripts. This is discussed in chapter 10.6 of the Kognitio Guide available in the latest Kognitio documentation. External scripting is now covered extensively in Chapter 10 of the Kognitio Guide including: getting started, many examples and administration.

On page 240-241 there is an example of an R external script that lists available packages in R. You can simply copy and create this to test if your R set-up us working ok. No input data is required and this should work if everything is set up correctly.

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