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Using external scripts to access Kognitio server logs

by skkirkham » Fri May 23, 2014 5:50 pm

Hi all

When you hit errors building external scripts (regardless of the language) you need to be able to get to the info on what is causing the issue. When executing external scripts if the error is of the form:

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HY000[Kognitio][WX2 Driver][POC12] RS0025: The external script returned an error 

The external script returned with a non-zero exit code or exited with a signal. 

Check the logs and debug the script. 
Then this is an issue within the external script itself and you will want to investigate further. Error messages generated by the executable or binary called by the command in a Kognitio scripting environment are automatically written out to the server debug logs within Kognitio. Rather than digging around on the server itself (even if you are allowed to do this!) a much better approach is to use a simple BASH external script to bring the log info to you. (Other scripting languages of your choice can also be used).

An SQL script that creates this external script in Kognitio is available here.

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