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cluster password reset

by Govardhan » Mon May 11, 2020 8:40 am

Hi Team,

I had created a cluster using below command

kodoop create_cluster abc

But after creating i tried to login with password as abc but facing below error

kodoop sql abc
Kognitio Analytical Platform software for Hadoop ver80200rel170824.
(c)Copyright Kognitio Ltd 2001-2017.

Kognitio WX2 SQL Submission Tool v8.02.00-rel170824
(c)Copyright Kognitio Ltd 1992-2017.

Unable to connect to server localhost:6554
HY000: [Kognitio][WX2 Driver] AM0035: Login mode set to root only

In which logs we can get default password or how to reset the default sys/root password
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Re: cluster password reset

by Simon.Darkin » Mon May 11, 2020 11:26 am


That may not be a password issue but rather an issue with the cluster coming up. Could you tar up the log files and transfer them to our FTP server so that we can investigate please? I think you may already have the credentials for the FTP server but if not just let me know and I’ll send them over.

Steps to tar up the log files

1. Logon to the edge node
2. kodoop mgr <system-id> shell
3. cd `wxlogd smd`/../../
4. tar czvf ~/kodoop-logs.tgz logs-<system-id>


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