Kognitio analytical platform:
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1. Introduction
For any modern business, data-driven decision-making is crucial.

The longer that your data analysis and reporting takes, the slower business decisions happen which can seriously affect your competitive advantage and your bottom line.
The more data that companies accumulate, the harder it can be to perform fast analytics; the data sets become too large for client tools to run the analyses, especially when there are potentially hundreds of users trying to analyze the same data. Interactive, train of thought analysis seems an impossibility.

Some companies won’t attempt some types of analysis on their big data because they believe the results will come too late. If your incumbent data platform is forcing you to compromise on the types of analysis you can perform, that can’t be good for business.

Kognitio’s analytical platform enables companies to perform powerful, fast analytics on large data sets for hundreds of concurrent users and can be deployed on premises or in the cloud. Kognitio can be used as a high performance replacement to existing technology choices, but more commonly is used to complement and improve existing data warehousing and Hadoop deployments.

2. Kognitio analytical platform

Kognitio’s analytical platform is in-memory, shared nothing, scale-out software for big data analytics.

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