Transforming Hadoop into your best BI platform:

An expert how-to guide

In summary

So, can Hadoop be turned into the best BI platform within your business? Certainly it’s a worthwhile goal to pursue given the amount of data flowing across most companies today, and the resulting need to make distributed computing platforms and scale-out strategies ‘work’.

Yet the excessive complexities that come with running SQL queries on a parallel platform, and accommodating high-concurrent workloads has for the majority proven to be an insurmountable barrier to realizing the benefits of Hadoop.

All of which brings us to the key takeaway from this paper: such complexity can be overcome, nullified, even simplified. Indeed, with Kognitio it already has been, and we can list a large number of organizations using our SQL engine to process data at ultra-fast speeds to gain the insights needed to drive their businesses forward. Just as importantly, we’re helping marry this speed with flexibility: to say no to aggregated data sets that only ever show part of the overall story; to help make the data accessible wherever it’s needed to support the ‘BI everywhere’ agenda; and to run analyses that are only limited by the user’s imagination – and not the available data.

This is Kognitio on Hadoop – a combination that’s helping redefine the art of the possible when bringing your BI capabilities to life in a big data environment.