Transforming Hadoop into your best BI platform:

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The best platform for SQL on Hadoop

Want to know what your options are for getting SQL to work on Hadoop? To help, we’ve been doing some tests, and using the TPC-DS query set have measured the performance of Hive LLAP, Impala, SparkSQL and Presto – and compared their results to Kognitio. What’s more, we haven’t just tested if the platforms can run the queries, but also whether they work under load and work with a mixed-concurrent workload – the latter to show whether they can handle interactive querying on Hadoop from BI tools.

sql compliance graph

Kognitio’s performance compared with other SQL engines

SparkSQL compared with Kognitio 8.1.50

sparksql comparison chart

Impala compared with Kognitio 8.1.50

Hive LLAP compared with Kognitio 8.2.0

Presto compared with Kognitio 8.2.0


So, can Hadoop be turned into the best BI platform within your business? Certainly it’s a worthwhile goal to pursue given the amount of data flowing across most companies today, and the resulting  need to make distributed computing platforms and scale-out strategies ‘work’.

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