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Industry Analyst: Kognitio “Shows the Most Promise for an In-Memory” Analytical Database, When Compared with Oracle, SAP HANA

NEW YORK, April 9, 2013 — A new whitepaper from an independent industry analyst firm reports that the Kognitio Analytical Platform delivers several functionality advantages over its competitors in the in-memory database market. The white paper from Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), a Boulder, CO based industry analysis firm and consultancy, calls the Kognitio offering “the most mature platform,” compared to competing in-memory databases such as SAP HANA and Oracle TimesTen for analytical workloads.

EMA Senior Analyst for Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing John Myers says that Kognitio provides users with an “excellent economic and performance opportunity” to integrate traditional data analytics with emerging technologies and frameworks like Hadoop, while leveraging its generation-long track record of in-memory analytical performance.

“When these business requirements are coupled with administrative facilities comparable to SAP HANA and implementation options superior to Oracle TimesTen, Kognitio Analytical Platform shows the most promise for an in-memory DBMS that can operate in a mixed or open ‘stack’ environment supporting analytical workloads,” Myers concludes.

The EMA white paper also says Kognitio “favors the speed and relative ease of row-based data loading over the complexity of traditional columnar. While this differs from the other two evaluated platforms, (Kognitio) avoids the processing overhead associated with data ingestion generally associated with columnar database platforms.” Myers continues, writing that the Kognitio in-memory database “has an edge in flexibility of environment” over competitors in terms of data processing functionality.

The report provides independent validation to Kognitio as a standalone analytical in-memory database, and as a preferred solution for applications within a data science lab or as an analytical accelerator. The Kognitio Analytical Platform is capable of flexible deployment as an integrated appliance or through traditional software licensing, or implemented as the Kognitio Cloud, either in a private or public setting, through Amazon AWS. Kognitio, Myers says, has a “extensive experience with cloud infrastructures and provisioning,” which ultimately delivers a price/performance advantage: “As you move into the specific area of utilizing in-memory data management systems for analytical workloads, Kognitio starts to pull ahead of competitors,” he writes. “In the area of implementation infrastructure, SAP HANA falls a bit behind Kognitio. This is based, in no small part, on the economics of commodity-based hardware implementation avenues.”

“Companies of all sizes are seeking to use data analytics to help them gain a better understanding of their markets and their customers. The EMA white paper clears up the rampant confusion about which databases and platforms can help them most effectively meet their requirements,” said Michael Hiskey, Kognitio vice president of marketing and business development. “It dispassionately transcends the marketing hype prevalent in the marketplace and finds that the Kognitio Analytical Platform delivers a solid set of benefits, surpassing the capabilities of other databases.”

The full EMA white paper, “Powering Analytics with In-Memory Database Management Systems Comparative Analysis: Kognitio Analytical Platform, SAP HANA and Oracle TimesTen,” can be downloaded at no charge at