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Kognitio and Celebrus partnership drives marketing innovation

Kognitio has recently celebrated the anniversary of a partnership with big data software provider Celebrus Technologies that is helping one of the world's largest manufacturers improve its marketing solutions.

The solution offers a unique digital marketing analytics platform that can be used to drive decision-making in product development, advertising and real-time online marketing. Being able to spot trends and react quickly will be essential in the coming years if firms are to successfully make the transition to a data-driven, always-connected environment.

It works by taking advantage of Celebrus' unique software, which feeds behavioral data from multiple channels into the Kognitio Analytical Platform. It can draw information from sources including websites, social media and mobile applications.

One thing that makes the partnership between Kognitio and Celebrus stand out is the detail and quality of the data that is gathered and used in the analytics platform. Celebrus collects highly granular, individual-level data. It monitors visitor behavior across the client's five European websites, down to details such as clicks, selections, keystrokes, searches, browsing and viewing times.

With over five million customer website visits a month, this generates a huge amount of information and this where the power of the Kognitio Analytical Platform comes in. Five million new events are fed into the system every day, where it is transformed into a 1.8 billion row database.

Kognitio offers the manufacturer incredible speed and flexibility to analyze this large amount of data and draw actionable insights. The in-memory processing solutions are able to help companies visualize this in a form that makes it easy for marketers to make the best decision to improve their strategy.

The system uses real-time analytics to make computations and generate reports on the fly using the latest information. Answers can be returned from queries across 50 different views within seconds, with no need for data pre-aggregation, archiving or summary.

Simon Burton, chief technology officer of Celebrus, stated: "Celebrus is unique in its ability to gather interaction data from a wide variety of digital technologies, including Flash, Flex and Adobe AIR, as well as multiple channels and then feed it into the Kognitio Analytical Platform in near real-time."

The client expects to use the insight gained from this to make decisions affecting future product and feature development for its website, as well as shaping marketing messages and advertising decisions. For instance, it will be able to determine which offerings are of interest to customers, but less frequently purchased, as well as and products that are rarely browsed on its websites. This will enable it to make better-informed decision about where to focus its attentions and what strategies are working well.

Kognitio president and chief executive officer Steve Millard noted the solution will provide marketing analysts with a new and more advanced level of insight.

He added: "By using the Kognitio Analytical Platform, our client can leverage the superiority of advanced analytics to gain a genuine business advantage that immediately pays dividends."

Kognitio and Celebrus are set to continue their partnership by jointly targeting organizations of all sizes that demand a solution capable of handling highly complex data, as well as a high variety and different levels of aggregation.