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Kognitio insights help retail insight firm improve offerings

For firms across all sectors of the economy, being able to leverage increasing volumes of information will play a key role in growing their operations in the coming years.

Nowhere is this more true than the retail sector, as discerning consumers expect a high quality experience and will quickly turn elsewhere if unsatisfied. Therefore, these firms need relevant, high-quality information on areas such as customer buying behavior and industry trends to drive their decision-making.

One enterprise that helps provide this is Willard Bishop. This has been the go to expert in food retail insight for both retailer and manufacturers since 1976, offering extensive knowledge of the sector and specialist tools to provide clients with the best possible solutions to recognize and act on opportunities at the earliest possible moment.

Industry specialists at the firm are able to leverage their expertise to give clients a clear, actionable 'retail recipe' that can be put in place, measured and adjusted to ultimately greatly improve customer experiences and revenues at retail businesses.

Now, however, Willard Bishop's offerings are set to get even better thanks to an agreement with Kognitio, which will see the firm implement a Kognitio Cloud solution to deliver advanced retail data analytics tools to the company and improve the quality of recommendations offered.

Willard Bishop will be able to use the capabilities offered by this platform to develop shopper-based merchandising assessments, strategies and plans that will significantly improve its clients' pricing and promotional activities.

Firms of all sizes will be able to access analytics based on customer data that will help them take a more innovative approach to decision-making and make it easier to react quickly to new opportunities.

The Kognitio Cloud is the fastest, most scalable in-memory analytical platform on the market and will offer Willard Bishop complete flexibility to access and analyze immense volumes of detailed business information without having to design and build its own dedicated solution.

Jim Hertel, managing partner at Willard Bishop, explained that the firm will be able to utilize that data and combine it with its extensive retail expertise to provide insights and recommendations that are not available from other sources, which will help clients greatly increase their competitive advantage.

He added: "Kognitio demonstrated its commitment to work with us in developing and implementing a cloud-based solution that would give us a permanent, low-cost research and development platform as well as a production environment that meets our changing needs."

Kognitio vice-president of marketing and business development Michael Hiskey observed that as a pioneer in in-memory analytics solutions, Kognitio has helped businesses of all sizes put in place tools to gain better insights in a fraction of the time of other solutions and the Kognitio Cloud takes these capabilities to a higher level.

"Increasingly, companies like Willard Bishop need data and need to be able to deliver in-depth analyses of it to drive their business forward. Time and cost are the key factors, which makes the Kognitio Cloud an ideal solution," he continued.