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Kognitio releases version 8.2.1 with improvements for installation on Hadoop

Kognitio has released version 8.2.1 for Hadoop and MapR. This version is easier to install on Hadoop and MapR and some of its key features include:

  • Reduced software dependencies
    Kognitio on Hadoop now only requires nodes to have Perl and some basic 64-bit system library tools like bash, openssl libraries, etc.
  • Reduced system preparation requirements
    Most users can now run Kognitio on unmodified Hadoop clusters via Yarn
  • Automatic system management
    Kognitio will now recover automatically from a wide range of failure scenarios such as Yarn container failures, node failures and software problems. Kognitio will create new containers automatically when required and will automatically restore the system to a functional state after problems occur.
  • Connector improvements
    Kognitio’s connectors have been upgraded to support running on Azure HDInsight.

You can try the new version of Kognitio by going to our “Getting Started” page.

For full details on this new release go to our Forum.