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Kognitio to support Strata + Hadoop World 2013

This month will see thousands of business intelligence professionals, big data analytics experts, software developers and executives head to New York for the Strata + Hadoop World 2013 conference, which is sponsored by Kognitio.

The event takes place from October 28th to 30th at the New York Hilton Midtown and attendees can expect a variety of presentations, speeches, tutorials and other events that will help them understand the latest developments in the data industry. As one of the largest gatherings of the Apache Hadoop community, speakers from some of the world's most prominent big data technology vendors and customers will be sharing their expertise.

Among these is Kognitio, which is an Exabyte sponsor of the event. As part of this, chief innovation officer Paul Groom will speak about how businesses can insulate their Hadoop clusters and protect them from the demands of business intelligence (BI) solutions.

The tips on offer are set to be highly valuable to businesses, as now is the time when many companies are looking to deploy Hadoop into full-scale production environments in order to make their use of data more efficient. Therefore, organizations will have to know how to intelligently apply Hadoop into existing mature BI tools to ensure they have sufficient agility to cope with the constantly-evolving environment.

Mr Groom's session will also highlight that when it comes to delivering fast results, disk-based data storage is not the solution, even when deploying new technologies such as Hadoop. Instead, the future for many organizations will be in-memory computing, so he will be aiming to provide attendees with more information on what this will mean for them.

"Too many vendors have muddied the waters about the real definition of 'in-memory', as well as the speed benefits it is capable of delivering. It's time for absolute clarity in this area", Mr Groom said.

The expert, who has more than 20 years' experience in database design, business intelligence and very large databases, continued: "Merely taking a cached copy of data from a traditional, disk-based data warehouse and dropping it into memory simply does not deliver the benefits of true in-memory computing."

Understanding what they have to do to move beyond these compromise solutions and towards a full in-memory solution will be critical for firms, as expectations for Google-like speed for query responses grow. While Hadoop benefits from CPUs, it does not fully exploit all cores for 100 percent effective work, so it alone will not be able to meet these demands.

An in-memory approach, on the other hand, can deliver this, as by using mature SQL drive cores rather than disks to hold data, it can cut query times from minutes or even hours to seconds.

As Hadoop is moving into a transitional stage, this year's Strata + Hadoop World conference is set to benefit developers, users and executives. In addition to Mr Groom's speech, Kognitio will be on hand to showcase its innovative in-memory solutions and illustrate to these professionals how their firm – no matter what its size – can benefit from the latest in-memory technology.