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Kognitio Turbocharges Hadoop

Jun 12, 2012 | By admin

Kognitio Turbocharges Analytic Power of Hadoop, Enabling Business Users to Gain Big Data Insights Within Seconds

SAN JOSE, CA., June 13, 2012 — Kognitio, a software company focused on providing the premier high-performance analytical platform to power business insight around the world, today announced a major innovation that will enable companies to enhance the speed of their Hadoop data environments, slashing the time required to obtain answers from “ad hoc” queries, using industry-standard servers and the prevalent and powerful standard Structured Query Language (SQL).

The company said it is introducing Hadoop integration as an integral part of the Kognitio Analytical Platform. Beyond simple connectivity, an external tables feature will embed a software agent inside Hadoop clusters, effectively leveraging Kognitio as an in-memory analytical accelerator for Hadoop. By rapidly filtering and projecting data needed to perform in-depth analytics into Kognitio, its native, in-memory analytical processing capabilities can return query results in seconds, saving minutes to hours of query processing time.

Kognitio made the announcement at the Hadoop Summit in San Jose, California, where it is a gold sponsor.
The company says it has achieved load rates of data into memory in excess of 15 terabytes per hour, ensuring that ad hoc queries on large and complex data sets can be performed with ease. “Our clients across a wide range of business verticals have a consistently growing need to rapidly access data from a variety of sources for analytical purposes,” said Jai Malhotra, co-founder of Xtremeinsights, a solution provider focused on solving the challenges of Big Data and elevating the business analytics capabilities of the enterprises to a new level by leveraging Hadoop with existing data management systems. “Kognitio fulfills that need, turbocharging the analytics capabilities of an enterprise and enabling high speed access to data in a seamless and scalable manner.”

Seen as playing an increasingly large role in Big Data, the Apache Hadoop software library is a framework that enables distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of computers using a simple programming model. It is designed to scale up from single servers to thousands of machines, each offering local computation and storage.

While Hadoop offers significant benefits, numerous industry observers have noted that it faces barriers to widespread adoption, such as the prevalence of SQL and Multi-Dimensional eXpressions (MDX) as the languages used by standard Business Intelligence and analytics tools, as well as a lack of speed in gathering data from disparate sources. One vendor, quoted earlier this year, said Hadoop “is certainly not usable by business analysts.”

With today’s announcement, Kognitio is taking a significant step in simplifying Hadoop adoption for business users and making Hadoop-enabled implementations capable of rapidly assembling and delivering data for analytics, ensuring that companies obtain the answers they want in a time frame they need. “The best technology is that which effectively solves business challenges,” said Roger Gaskell, Kognitio Chief Technology Officer. “The Kognitio Analytical Platform is the must-have layer to accelerate Hadoop and allow it to work with standard BI and OLAP Tools, enabling results that make a difference on the bottom line.”