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MetaScale Pairs Hadoop, Kognitio Analytical Platform

May 21, 2012 | By admin

CHICAGO, 21 May 2012 – MetaScale, a technology services company that helps businesses unlock the potential of their data, today announced it is incorporating the Kognitio Analytical Platform into a new SaaS-based offering to save firms time and money as they analyze vast amounts of information to achieve competitive advantage.

MetaScale plans to leverage its expertise in Hadoop, a framework that allows for the distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of computers, with Kognitio’s ability to analyze data in-memory in a fraction of the time required by conventional databases to provide Big Data analytics to companies faster, more cost effectively and easier than ever before.

Delivered via private cloud or on-premises implementations, MetaScale said its Big Data as a Service will benefit companies across key vertical markets including financial services, media, healthcare, energy, telecommunications, and more. Companies working with MetaScale will be able to obtain greater insight from their data, or replace legacy mainframe or “batch” processing, enabling them to improve their operational efficiency and grow revenue. Even if they already have an enterprise data warehouse, the MetaScale/Kognitio partnership will allow them to rapidly deploy and conduct additional analytic projects, without imposing a greater burden on their existing systems and on a scale they once thought impossible.

“MetaScale understands how to make Hadoop practical,” said Steve Millard, CEO of Kognitio. “By combining Hadoop’s ability to bring together vast amounts of information with the analytic power of Kognitio, MetaScale makes it possible for companies to quickly get the answers they need to maintain a competitive difference in business.” Millard noted that the Kognitio Analytical Platform, working as an analytical accelerator to Hadoop, is capable of producing answers to data-intensive queries up to 80 percent faster than with traditional systems. This, he said, can reduce the “time-to-insight” by hours or even days.

“The addition of the Kognitio Analytical Platform will deliver significant benefits to our clients,” said Phil Shelley, CEO of MetaScale. “The agile implementation of business analytics is increasingly important to companies. By blending Hadoop’s processing power with Kognitio’s blazing speed and analytic ability and delivering it through the cloud, MetaScale will enable companies to obtain the insights they require, without bogging down their existing infrastructure,” Shelley added.