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Kognitio External Scripting : Enabling Parallel ‘R’

With the latest release of the Kognitio analytical platform, comes ground-breaking external scripting functionality. This gives you the ability to invoke any programming language, such as R, that runs under Linux from within the Kognitio Analytical Platform.

Kognitio pins data in-memory enabling CPU cores in the platform to have ultra-fast access to granular level data. The data can be transformed easily via SQL (or other external scripts) to create your analytical data set. These data sets form the input into your script.

Scripts are created using a simple, flexible interface enabling the following functions:

  • Script input and output can be left as a data stream or efined as a specific data type for full control and a completely flexible approach.
  • Simple commands allow the user to dictate how data and scripts are parallelized for further flexibility. Kognitio handles the parallelization based on these preferences.
  • Scripts can be utilized in the same way as a derived table from within the Kognitio platform or can be directly embedded into Kognitio commands.

A good example of using External Scripting within a commercial example is Product Forecasting. Organizations typically have many needs for time dependent forecasting, such as product sales, stock, budgets, risk and customer activity. This forecasting is a complex, time consuming and often manual process. Learn how to simplify – take the forecasting to the data!