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US-based EON Collective becomes Kognitio partner

Kognitio has agreed a new business partnership with EON Collective, a US-based firm of industry experts with specialties in large-scale data and analytics.

Who are the EON Collective?

The EON Collective was founded in 2016 with a vision to provide a framework to assess, architect, and automate transformative IT solutions. This vision is delivered through a broad set of tools, technologies, and resources spanning all aspects of IT operations. EON leverages its ADEPT framework to capture context of an organization to accelerate migrations and platform augmentation.

Partnership with Kognitio

As EON continues to enhance its technology portfolio, it recognizes unique capabilities that Kognitio offers in high-performance computing and analytics. With Kognitio’s flexibility for platform hosting which includes both cloud and on-prem, as well as architectural deployments of standalone and on-Hadoop, EON sees the opportunity to engage even the most demanding organizations as they work through the challenges of ever-growing data volumes and speed-of-thought analytics.

To find out more about EON and Kognitio, contact Kelly Carrigan at or visit EON’s website