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Vivaki Nerve Center Slashes Data Discover Time From Hours to Minutes With Kognitio Cloud

Aug 21, 2012 | By admin

CHICAGO, August 21, 2012 — VivaKi agency clients seeking seamless campaign monitoring and near real-time advertising effectiveness have a new solution in Kognitio Cloud, an innovative analytical platform that has been integrated into the VivaKi Nerve Center’s data hub. The decision to employ Kognitio Cloud software to increase overall efficiency via a faster and more robust query processing system was announced today by VivaKi and Kognitio, a leader in driving the convergence of Big Data, in-memory analytics and cloud computing.

By deploying Kognitio Cloud through Amazon Web Services, VivaKi agencies are able to do deep-dive, in-memory analytics into multiple terabytes of data in a fraction of the time and cost required by competing solutions. This gives VivaKi clients a significant advantage in understanding which advertising is most effectively reaching targeted audiences, and which campaigns to optimize for top performance.

“Speed and responsiveness are pivotal to our ability to serve clients, both in the delivery of advertising vehicles and the power to analyze how effectively clients ads are driving customer awareness and purchasing behavior,” said Pradeep Ananthapadmanabhan, Chief Technology Officer for the Vivaki Nerve Center at VivaKi. “We see the Kognitio Cloud offering to be a quantum leap in terms of technology, and we know that it will provide us with a far more extensive and powerful platform than we’ve seen in traditional databases.” Ananthapadmanabhan noted that Kognitio Cloud’s flexibility enabled VivaKi to deploy additional analytical capability in less than a week, compared with the months required under traditional implementations.

Kognitio Cloud’s power, coupled with the inherent cost and time advantages associated with cloud-based services, makes it an ideal platform for funded start-up companies, small- and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as larger organizations like VivaKi who are seeking to develop an application before scaling out without using greater cycles in an existing analytical environment.

“Kognitio Cloud is the most advanced tool of its kind, making it possible for VivaKi’s analysts to gain a more complete understanding of the effect their advertising is having in the marketplace,” said Steve Millard, Kognitio president and chief executive officer. “Armed with such rich knowledge, client teams can sharpen their focus, making message delivery more effective than ever before. This is the kind of capability that Kognitio gives both big and mid-sized firms, through Kognitio Cloud as well as more traditional implementation methods.”