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You can deploy Kognitio on Hadoop or as a standalone system on Linux or MapR

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“Kognitio demonstrates absolutely jaw-dropping performance and is backed up by real IT professionals with a passion for what they do and how they do it.”

Fiachra Woodman

VP, AIMIA Global Labs

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kognitio really free?

Yes, if you deploy Kognitio on Hadoop, it’s completely free to use with no restrictions on time, scale or functionality. We offer Kognitio on Hadoop completely free to use and offer paid support contracts to customers who wish to take out support for production environments.

If you deploy Kognitio on standalone servers or on MapR, it’s free up to 512GB RAM. But should you need more RAM to evaluate Kognitio properly, just get in touch.

Is there a community and an enterprise version?

No, we have one version of Kognitio which comes with full functionality and various deployment options.

Where does your revenue come from if your products are free?

Kognitio on Hadoop is free and revenue for that comes from customers who wish to take out paid support.

If you deploy Kognitio on standalone servers or on MapR, you will require a software license for use above 512GB RAM.

What support is available?

We offer a range of support options for Kognitio, from web only to full enterprise support. For more information visit our support page.

Why is Kognitio so much faster than other SQL engines?

There are large variations in the performance, flexibility and maturity of available SQL engines.

Hive, Impala and SparkSQL, for example, are new SQL implementations that were developed from scratch for Hadoop. Yet SQL is a very large, complex standard which is difficult enough to implement on a serial platform, but to implement it in parallel is incredibly difficult and time consuming.

For 25 years, Kognitio has been developing parallel SQL. So our SQL engine is much more mature and proven to scale-out for the high concurrency required by business users. Kognitio is also a true in-memory engine.

Which version of Kognitio should I be installing?

If you intend to use Kognitio on a Hadoop cluster under YARN, you should install the “on Hadoop” version.

If you intend to use Kognitio on MapR, download the MapR version.

If you are not running Hadoop or MapR, then you should install the standalone version of Kognitio.

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Kognitio can be deployed on Hadoop, your data warehouse or standalone servers, to unlock insight from data in any format.

Find out more about Kognitio implementation options:

Deploy on Hadoop Deploy on Standalone Deploy on MapR

Deploy on Hadoop

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Standard ANSI SQL

Use the same SQL that every developer and your business analysts know well.

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Free-to-use, no restrictions

Kognitio on Hadoop is free-of-charge wherever and however you use it, with a growing community of developers.

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Standard YARN application, easily integrates with Hadoop

Works as a drop-in component of your Hadoop infrastructure, allocating resource as a YARN application.

The architecture

kognitio on hadoop architecture diagram

Deploy standalone

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Standard ANSI SQL

Kognitio runs standard SQL queries as well as ODBC and JDBC drivers.

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Free to use up to 512GB RAM

Kognitio Standalone is free to try with your mixed data sources up to 512GB RAM.

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Compatible with any standard data source

Kognitio Standalone gives you high throughput, massively concurrent SQL for just about any standard data source.

The architecture

Kognitio Standalone Architecture Diagram

Deploy on MapR

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Standard ANSI SQL

Kognitio runs standard SQL queries through the JDBC and ODBC APIs

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Free to use up to 512GB RAM

Kognitio on MapR is free to use up to 512GB RAM

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Easily integrates with MapR

Kognitio runs directly on your MapR cluster’s nodes

The architecture

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