One powerful in-memory SQL engine.

Kognitio enables data analysts and business users to run thousands of complex queries concurrently, bringing a competitive edge to your big data operations. Kognitio has four deployment options to suit your needs.

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Ultra-high-speed analytics

Kognitio is a mature in-memory SQL engine that truly unlocks the insights of big data. It was specifically built for massively parallel analytical query processing to provide ultra-high-speed analytics. It’s flexible, with four different deployment options to suit your business set-up.

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Deployment Options:

For Cloud

Kognitio for Cloud gives you ultra-fast, high-concurrency SQL and advanced analytics on the data you have in cloud, with the flexibility you’ve come to expect from your cloud platform provider.

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For Hadoop

Now you can run hundreds of concurrent SQL queries over your Hadoop data. Suddenly the data in your Hadoop cluster is as easily queryable as your relational database.

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For MapR

Give your BI engineers, your self-service BI users and data scientists a familiar, SQL interface to unlock the insight held directly on your MapR cluster.

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For standalone

Kognitio standalone gives you massively concurrent SQL for just about any standard data source, battle-tested with common BI tools and by our own in-house team of data scientists.

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Kognitio’s client tools

Kognitio provides a number of tools and utilities with our download to allow seamless working. Whether you’re simply connecting to Kognitio, data wrangling or doing system administration, these tools help you get the most from our analytical platform.

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Key features:

With Kognitio, you get huge query throughput and high concurrency to serve all your users. Our platform gives you:

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A one-server-fits-all design that eliminates the need for workload-specific tuning

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The ability to run mixed-workload use cases at the same time

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Facility to write code in other languages such as Python and R, and invoke that code from inside your queries within Kognitio

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Consistent analytics across platforms. Kognitio gives the same capability across Hadoop, MapR, standalone and cloud

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kognitio really free?

Yes, if you deploy Kognitio on Hadoop, it’s completely free to use with no restrictions on time, scale or functionality. We offer Kognitio on Hadoop completely free to use and offer paid support contracts to customers who wish to take out support for production environments.

If you deploy Kognitio on standalone servers or on MapR, it’s free up to 512GB RAM. But should you need more RAM to evaluate Kognitio properly, just get in touch.

Is there a community and an enterprise version?

No, we have one version of Kognitio which comes with full functionality and various deployment options. However the standalone and MapR versions require a software license for use above 512GB RAM.

What are the different deployment options?

Kognitio can be deployed on Hadoop, on MapR, on a standalone compute cluster or in the cloud.

What support is available?

We offer a range of support options for Kognitio, from web only to full enterprise support. For more information visit our support page

Why is Kognitio so much faster than other SQL engines?

There are large variations in the performance, flexibility and maturity of available SQL engines. Hive, Impala and SparkSQL, for example, are new SQL implementations that were developed from scratch for Hadoop. Yet SQL is a very large, complex standard which is difficult enough to implement on a serial platform, but to implement it in parallel is incredibly difficult and time consuming. For 25 years, Kognitio has been developing parallel SQL. So our SQL engine is much more mature and proven to scale-out for the high concurrency required by business users. Kognitio is also a true in-memory engine.

Which version of Kognitio should I be installing?

If you intend to use Kognitio on a Hadoop cluster under YARN (not MapR), you should install the “on Hadoop” version. Kognitio on Hadoop runs on Hortonworks Data Platform, Cloudera Data Platform, Amazon EMR, and Azure.

If you intend to use Kognitio on a MapR cluster, you should install the “on MapR” version.

For any other compute clusters, you should download the standalone version.

Anything we’ve not covered? Read the full list of FAQs here.

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