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You already know Kognitio gives you super-fast analytics insights. But did you know that you also get a stack of additional tools as part of your free download? Find out why they are useful for your data analysis.

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Firstly, why Kognitio?

All businesses need accurate data insights, but BI tools can be frustratingly slow to run accurate, concurrent queries.

So, we built Kognitio specifically for massively parallel analytical query processing directly on your data, whatever the format, structure or source.

What tools do you get with your download?

Whether you are a simply connecting to Kognitio, doing some data wrangling or system administration, our various client tools will often come in handy.

End user command line tools

Kognitio can be accessed from any BI tool that operates via an ODBC or JDBC connections but can also use Kognitio Console — our main client tool for SQL submission and basic system administration. If you prefer command-line access there are number of options available to you:


our basic SQL submission command line utility


a set of bash functions design for easy SQL submission and results handling in a bash scripts


a lua based scripting utility that is designed for easy lua scripting around SQL statements submitted to Kognitio

Data wrangling tools

For users wanting to prepare data for analysis, Kognitio provides a number of profiling utilities enabling you to effortlessly build Kognitio tables.

  • There are utilities available for flat file and JSON formats
  • If your data is already defined in a Hive meta-store then you can use Kognitio’s JET utilities to build corresponding objects in Kognitio

Kognitio is an MPP system and you can take advantage of this for fast loading and unloading of data directly to and from Kognitio tables including directly into memory. These flexible utilities have a vast number of options to allow you to work with data of any format within flat files and json files.

System administration tools

There are a number of command line utilities that can be used for Kognitio administration. As well as the main server command utilities these include:

  • full system admin tool
  • backup and restore
  • co-ordination of linux commands across Kognitio nodes
  • synchronizing files across Kognitio nodes
  • basic troubleshooting

Support for Kognitio

Kognitio offers different levels of support from free Community support to Enterprise Premium support.


Our community forum is open to anyone using Kognitio.

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Web support

For support via email or our customer portal.

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Enterprise support

For customers that want to include phone support.

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View Kognitio documentation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kognitio really free?

Yes, if you deploy Kognitio on Hadoop, it’s completely free to use with no restrictions on time, scale or functionality. We offer Kognitio on Hadoop completely free to use and offer paid support contracts to customers who wish to take out support for production environments.

If you deploy Kognitio on standalone servers or on MapR, it’s free up to 512GB RAM. But should you need more RAM to evaluate Kognitio properly, just get in touch.

Is there a community and an enterprise version?

No, we have one version of Kognitio which comes with full functionality and various deployment options.

Where does your revenue come from if your products are free?

Kognitio on Hadoop is free and revenue for that comes from customers who wish to take out paid support.

If you deploy Kognitio on standalone servers or on MapR, you will require a software license for use above 512GB RAM.

What support is available?

We offer a range of support options for Kognitio, from web only to full enterprise support. For more information visit our support page.

Why is Kognitio so much faster than other SQL engines?

There are large variations in the performance, flexibility and maturity of available SQL engines.

Hive, Impala and SparkSQL, for example, are new SQL implementations that were developed from scratch for Hadoop. Yet SQL is a very large, complex standard which is difficult enough to implement on a serial platform, but to implement it in parallel is incredibly difficult and time consuming.

For 25 years, Kognitio has been developing parallel SQL. So our SQL engine is much more mature and proven to scale-out for the high concurrency required by business users. Kognitio is also a true in-memory engine.

Which version of Kognitio should I be installing?

If you intend to use Kognitio on a Hadoop cluster under YARN, you should install the “on Hadoop” version.

If you intend to use Kognitio on MapR, download the MapR version.

If you are not running Hadoop or MapR, then you should install the standalone version of Kognitio.

Anything we’ve not covered? Read the full list of FAQs here.

Want to know more about Kognitio?

Read our blog.

Query streaming in Kognitio

6th August 2018 | By Andy MacLean

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