Kognitio: ultra-fast analytics for the cloud

The cloud has revolutionized the way companies process and store data. This allows organizations to escape the confines of the traditional data center and take advantage of limitless on demand compute resources.

With Kognitio for the cloud you can use as much resource as you require for as long as you need it.

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The best SQL analytics in the Cloud

Kognitio has enabled users to achieve very high performance analytics for over twenty years. Until recently this has only been affordable for a niche market of major industry players who understood that it was worth paying a premium for high performance infrastructure to generate rapid and detailed insight from their data.

Now, with modern cloud platforms, Kognitio brings the same high performance analytics to a much wider audience. Running Kognitio in the cloud enables you to work with your data without being limited by infrastructure. Simply scale to meet your requirements and easily launch systems for ad-hoc analysis, providing all the analytical processing power you require when you need it.

Kognitio is a mature, reliable, highly performant in-memory SQL engine which handles the most demanding analytical requirements, allowing you to get the most out of the resources you provision.

With Kognitio, you get huge query throughput and high concurrency to serve all your users. The cloud brings scalability, on-demand processing and reliability.

Low latency, high performance query execution enables massive concurrency for simple BI queries on dashboards while also enabling train-of-thought analysis of huge amounts of data using very complex queries in real time.

Kognitio’s query streaming and asymmetric processing features allow it to handle a very wide variety of query complexities, workloads and concurrency levels. Kognitio automatically assigns the appropriate amount of compute resource to each job, adapting as concurrent workloads change.

You can apply all the compute resource to a single large task, share resources between 1000s of simultaneously executing smaller tasks or mix very different workloads all on the same Kognitio server instance.

With Kognitio, you get huge query throughput and high concurrency to serve all your users. The cloud brings scalability, on-demand processing and reliability.

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Why Kognitio for the Cloud?

Kognitio for the Cloud gives you:

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Out of the box Integration with the AWS Glue catalog means your data is ready to be analysed with Kognitio. No need to learn new ETL commands, just image and query

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Kognito is optimized for BI tool query patterns which means fast response times for your end users whether they are doing simple aggregation and filtering or running complex forecasts using embedded Python scripts

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Cloud scalability provides the performance you require when you need it – launch a permanent cluster for day to day requirements and / or launch a cluster for a specific short term project

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Kognitio supports a very broad set of ANSI standard SQL and is compatible with a wide range of SQL clients and BI tools. Connect via ODBC or JDBC.

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Kognitio’s SQL extensions allow other programming languages like Python or R to be embedded directly within a query and executed in parallel to turbo-charge complex data science processes which do not normally work efficiently in SQL

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Kognitio uses intelligent parallelism to ensure the optimum amount of resource is allocated to each query. Allowing large complex queries to benefit from massive parallelisation whilst providing very high levels of concurrency for simpler BI reporting type queries

Kognitio in the Cloud Architecture

Kognitio in the cloud is managed by the Kognitio launcher which is a web based GUI responsible for starting, managing and stopping Kognitio servers.

A Kognitio server is one or more EC2 instances joined together using Kognitio’s clustering technology and containing the various sub-processes required to compile, execute and coordinate massively parallel queries.

You can choose the number and type of EC2 instances for your requirement or tell the launcher some simple information about the data you want to query and it will choose a suitable configuration for you.