An ultra-fast SQL engine for MapR.

MapR is a Hadoop distribution that supports the storage and processing of very large, fast moving data. MapR can process distributed files, database tables and event streams all in the same cluster of nodes. Kognitio unlocks the speed and scale of querying this data.

To deploy Kognitio on MapR we recommend using Containerized Kognitio.

Containerized Kognitio Get started

Why use Kognitio ?

Deploying Containerized Kognitio on MapR gives you huge query throughput and high concurrency to serve all your users, directly on your data.

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A one-server-fits-all design

that eliminates the need for workload-specific tuning and can run mix-workload use cases at the same time

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Cross-platform portability

gives you the same consistent Kognitio interface to your data across MapR, the cloud and Hadoop

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Write code in other languages

such as Python and R, and invoke that code from inside your SQL queries within Kognitio

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