Kognitio: ultra-fast SQL engine
for Hadoop

Hadoop has a problem. Widely mooted as the solution to big data challenges, businesses have spent time and effort getting data into Hadoop, only for the data to be limited to expert data scientists and not the wider business.
Kognitio on Hadoop fixes that. You can run hundreds of concurrent SQL queries over your big data sets. Suddenly the data in your Hadoop cluster is as easily queryable as your relational database.

Get started with Kognitio on Hadoop

Standard ANSI SQL

Whether handwritten or tool-generated (e.g. via BI tools), Kognitio runs standard SQL queries as well as ODBC and JDBC drivers.

Interactive querying

Even complex queries complete in real-time, making batch query a thing of the past. Kognitio is the ideal query engine for BI and data science.

Huge throughput and massive concurrency

In-flight query planning and dynamic machine code generation ensure every last CPU cycle is used in the most efficient way possible, enabling massively parallel processing of potentially thousands of complex queries.

Every query completes

Some analytical engines fail when a query takes too much memory. Kognitio’s unique in-memory data structures and active resource allocation ensure that every query completes.

Tuned for BI and data science use cases

BI tools generate wide-ranging, complex SQL queries. Kognitio has been battle tested with common BI tools and by our own in-house team of data scientists.

Scale-out, shared-nothing architecture

Kognitio can run as a single server or a distributed cluster of thousands. Scale out as and when demand dictates.

Standard YARN application, easily integrates with your existing Hadoop workflows

Kognitio works as a drop-in component of your Hadoop infrastructure, allocating resource as a well behaved YARN application.

Free-to-use: in production, in development, in testing, anywhere

Kognitio on Hadoop is free-of-charge wherever and however you use it, with a growing community of developers.

On Hadoop, Kognitio is a YARN application which needs to run inside your Hadoop cluster. It’s free to use: in production, in development, in testing, anywhere.

The architecture

Application & client layer

Kognitio analytical platform layer

Persistence layer

kognitio on hadoop architecture diagram