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Collecting data is easy, but analyzing it can be painfully slow, especially with large data volumes and high numbers of users. Now your business users can get faster answers from your big data, no matter where you collect it from. Kognitio unlocks the speed and scale of querying your structured or unstructured data.

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Why Kognitio?

All businesses need accurate data insights, but when you’re trying to analyze big data, client tools can be slow to deliver fast, concurrent queries.

So, we built Kognitio specifically for massively parallel high-speed analytical query processing. Now you can run hundreds of concurrent SQL queries over your big data sets at ultra-fast speeds.. Better yet? Kognitio for standalone clusters is free to try with your mixed data sources up to 512GB RAM.

Why use Kognitio?

With Kognitio, your business users get huge query throughput and high concurrency to serve all your users. Unlock the insights in your big data and make it available to BI and visualization tools through standard SQL queries.

Kognitio gives you:

Cluster Created with Sketch.

One-server-fits-all design

A design that eliminates the need for workload-specific tuning and allows you to run mixed-workload use cases at the same time

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Facility to write code in other languages

such as Python and R, and invoke that code from inside your queries within Kognitio

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Cross-platform portability

to have the same consistent Kognitio interface to your data across Hadoop, MapR, standalone and cloud

Kognitio Standalone Architecture

Installing Kognitio

Before you begin with Kognitio for standalone clusters:

Cluster Created with Sketch.

Check if you have x86 (Intel/AMD) processor based servers, Linux OS or TCP/IP switched network

Linux Created with Sketch.

Kognitio is a 32-bit application, but from version 8 it can only run on 64-bit Linux distributions

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Ensure each node has minimal Linux installed

Workload Created with Sketch.

The installation will create three Linux user accounts for managing Kognitio

Support for Kognitio

Kognitio offers Premium and Standard tiers of service to address the support requirements of any organization.


Our community forum is open to anyone using Kognitio.

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Mon-Fri office hours support

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24x7 critical technical support

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Is Kognitio really free?

If you deploy Kognitio on standalone servers or on MapR, it’s free up to 512GB RAM. But should you need more RAM to evaluate Kognitio properly, just get in touch.

Is there a community and an enterprise version?

No, we have one version of Kognitio which comes with full functionality and various deployment options.

Where does your revenue come from if your products are free?

Kognitio on Hadoop is free and revenue for that comes from customers who wish to take out paid support.

If you deploy Kognitio on standalone servers or on MapR, you will require a software license for use above 512GB RAM.

What support is available?

We offer a range of support options for Kognitio. For more information visit our support page.

Which version of Kognitio should I be installing?

If you intend to use Kognitio on a Hadoop cluster under YARN, you should install the “on Hadoop” version.

If you intend to use Kognitio on MapR, download the MapR version.

If you are not running Hadoop or MapR, then you should install the standalone version of Kognitio.

Anything we’ve not covered? Read the full list of FAQs here.

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