Kognitio standalone SQL engine
for mixed data sources

As an ultra-fast SQL engine, Kognitio provides your BI users and data scientists with a familiar, SQL interface to unlock the insight held in both structured and unstructured data, in almost any format.

Using commodity hardware or cloud instances, Kognitio processes masses of complex queries across one or thousands of servers.

Get started with Kognitio
on standalone servers

Standard ANSI SQL

Use the same SQL that every developer and your business analysts know well. There’s nothing to new for your team to learn to start querying multiple data.

Real-time interactive query

There are no long waits. Queries complete in real-time, meaning your BI tools get the same interactivity from semi-structured data as they would a relational database.

Huge throughput and massive concurrency

Serve huge numbers of concurrent users, whether the queries are generated by tools or hand-written.

Every query completes

Some engines fail when a query takes too much memory. Kognitio’s unique in-memory data structures and active resource allocation ensure that every query completes.

Tuned for BI and data science use cases

BI tools generate wide-ranging, complex SQL queries. Kognitio has been battle tested with common BI tools and by our own in-house team of data scientists

Scale-out, shared-nothing architecture

Your ops team can easily add or remove Kognitio instances to match demand as it grows or shrinks.

Free to use up to 512GB RAM

Kognitio Standalone is free to try with your mixed data sources up to 512GB RAM.

Kognitio Standalone gives you high throughput, massively concurrent SQL for just about any standard data source. Unlock the insight in your big data and make it available to BI and visualization tools through standard SQL queries.

The architecture

Application & client layer

Kognitio analytical platform layer

Persistence layer

Kognitio Standalone Architecture Diagram