Bloor Market Report – SQL Engines on Hadoop


In this Market Report, Philip Howard at Bloor explores the growing need for SQL engines on Hadoop.

Hadoop is used for a lot of different purposes and one major subset of the overall Hadoop market is to run SQL against Hadoop. This might seem contrary to Hadoop’s NoSQL roots, but the truth is that there are lots of existing investments in SQL applications that companies want to preserve; all the leading business intelligence and analytics platforms run using SQL; and SQL skills, capabilities and developers are readily available, which is often not the case for other languages.

However, the market for SQL engines on Hadoop is not mono-cultural. There are multiple use cases for deploying SQL on Hadoop and there are more than twenty different SQL on Hadoop platforms. Mapping the latter to the former is not a trivial task, as different offerings are optimized for some purposes but not others.

Download the market report paper to find out more about the SQL on Hadoop market.

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