SQL on Hadoop – why open source is not the only option


In today’s digital age, the demand for analytics is becoming pervasive in the enterprise and central to almost every business function. Insights are needed everywhere and to produce them, we have gone way beyond analyzing transaction activity in traditional data warehouses and data marts.

In this whitepaper from Intelligent Business Strategies, Mike Ferguson explains that the demand for simplified access to Hadoop data via SQL has continued to grow unabated. It is wanted by both data scientists and business analysts, the latter of which are primarily using self-service BI tools. It’s not really surprising considering how many BI tool users there are out there. The number of business analysts considerably outweighs the number of data scientists. Also, SQL is probably the most widely used query language in the world and with so many people familiar with it as the query language for relational DBMSs, the demand is also to use it to access data in non-relational data stores.

It is not surprising therefore that we have seen many different options emerge to access Hadoop data via SQL. The assumption is that SQL on Hadoop offerings are all the same and that only open source SQL on Hadoop offerings that ship with Hadoop distributions are free and capable of doing everything that non-open-source offerings can do.

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