Transforming Hadoop into your best BI platform


This paper comes with a big, bold claim. One we’re prepared to stand by. Yes Hadoop, and yes for making it the very foundation for delivering the best business intelligence platform your organization has ever experienced.

Hadoop is of course synonymous with big data. Indeed, the growing need inside organizations to process and analyze structured/unstructured data alongside the associated challenges of data quality, storage, and security – was instrumental in Hadoop’s development as a data processing platform.

Business users were (and still are) excluded from most analysis of data in Hadoop, and are reliant on the experts to construct aggregated data sets, moving them into standard databases for exploitation. Data sets that are by their very nature limited in terms of
size and scope – and rapidly ageing from their moment of birth. Such challenges have caused businesses to reassess Hadoop.

Download our paper to read more about how to allow interactive querying of data in Hadoop for all your business users, using their preferred BI tools.

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