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Getting the most from your data takes specialist expertise. Our data science consulting team will work with you to evaluate, architect and innovate with Kognitio.

Big data is all about promise. The promise of discovering insight faster and in places your competition haven’t thought to look. At Kognitio we have decades of experience working with teams of developers and analysts to help them realize that big data promise. From initial evaluation, through deployment, to ongoing consultancy.

Professional services from Kognitio


We’ll assess your needs and environment and work with you to ensure you run your evaluation tuned to your business.


From data preparation to ingestion, we provide expert support for moving your Kognitio cluster into production.

Performance tuning

Using our decades of experience, we’ll help you get the most out of your Kognitio cluster by designing effective workflows and ensuring the most efficient use of resources.


Our data scientists collaborate with academia and industry participating in research projects that push industry’s understanding of data science.


On-site and remote training for your team, tailored to achieving your goals.

Data science consulting from Kognitio

Advanced analytics

When you reach the limits of SQL, our data science team will help you to implement advanced analytics such as regression, clustering and forecasting.

Data modeling

Do you have analytics that you want to scale out over larger data sets or run more frequently? Our team can help you leverage the processing power of Kognitio to meet your analytical aspirations.

Coding Languages

Our data science team will work with you to dive deeper into your data developing bespoke code in the right language for your team - such as R or Python.

Kognitio’s consultants

Our consulting team is like Kognitio itself: flexible, adaptable and the best at what we do. Our data science consultants are educated to
Masters and PhD level, with strong applied experience in business.

Industry-leading domain expertise

We’ve been working with SQL on big data since before there was a toy elephant called Hadoop. Our business and technical experience is hard won from years in industry and academia.

SQL experts

We have years of experience working with traditional databases and data warehouses such as Oracle, Teradata, Microsoft SQL Server, and also with more recent upstarts, including Hive, Impala and Spark.

Polyglot programmers

Each member of our team is a software engineer first, with deep expertise in multiple languages. We’ll be able to talk as experienced peers with your engineering team and understand the nuances of the language they work with.

Business integration experience

Our expertise in deploying and optimizing Kognitio within the real-world context of enterprise IT means we can have you running and productive with Kognitio in next to no time  

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