Kognitio for BI & Analytics Leaders

Generate insights at ultra-fast speeds

Storing big data at an enterprise level is difficult, but easily accessing that data in order to inform business decisions is an even bigger challenge. Particularly when business professionals need to access the data quickly, frequently, and without support from programmers.
Kognitio allows business users to access big data sources using their preferred tools, like Tableau, Qlik Sense or Microsoft PowerBI. Usually those applications can’t be connected to big data sources as they can’t interact effectively with the data, nor provide answers to queries in a timely manner. But with Kognitio, interactive train of thought querying is possible, for hundreds of concurrent users accessing that data at the same time. This means faster decision-making and a competitive advantage for your business.

High-speed, high volume analytics for everyone

Imagine your self-service business users being able to query your big data sets, leaving your BI and Analytics teams to focus on more complex, advanced analytics.  Multiple users in multiple locations can all access the data they need when they need it, allowing them to make strategic decisions for the business.

Faster query processing means you can run and answer queries in sub-second response times

No need to summarize or filter data to prepare a smaller set so that analytics is quicker. Users can drill-down interactively into big data sets without fear of slow performance.

Speed up the the path between receipt of data and creation of insights on it.

Discover new knowledge and exploit it for competitive advantage

Kognitio supports BI professionals to access the data and carry out their job in the most productive way possible. It’s ideal for more complex querying and advanced analytics.
Data analysts can get results in seconds or minutes instead of hours, they can test many more hypotheses than before and are also more likely to consider expand the scope of their analyses previously thought impractical.
A better understanding of your customers and your market means faster, more substantial growth – and Kognitio removes the friction from that process.

Deliver powerful analytics for your whole business

If your incumbent analytical platform is forcing you to compromise on the types of analysis you can perform on your data, then perhaps you should consider a more powerful platform?

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