Kognitio for Big Data Architects & Engineers

Delivering value to your big data strategy

Big Data Architects and Engineers are faced with the enormous task of implementing a cost effective, scalable, secure and reliable big data framework. A critical part of that is ensuring that users across the business can query large amounts of data in near real time from multiple locations in order to satisfy the changing needs of the business.

That’s where Kognitio’s ultra-fast SQL engine comes in. Kognitio is an in-memory analytical platform that complements existing data warehousing and Hadoop deployments. It’s perfect for companies where delivery of knowledge needs to be very fast.

Save time and empower your users

Kognitio’s technology enables users to run interactive train of thought analysis on big data. It also allows for huge query throughput and massive concurrency to serve all your users’ needs. The technology is designed so that there is no need for workload-specific tuning and it can run mixed-workload use cases simultaneously. One of the most attractive elements of Kognitio is the power to compute is limitless. More resources can be added easily to the architecture to run larger queries or more queries at once.

Range of implementation options: on premises, on Hadoop, private cloud, public cloud

Run and answer big data queries in sub-second response times

Run new analytical projects that you previously thought impossible

Parallelize queries written in R or Python

Kognitio provides flexibility enabling you to parallelize queries written in any programming language that can run under Linux (e.g. R, Python) to take advantage of the massively parallel in-memory processing capabilities.

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Get the most from Hadoop

Hadoop has become an integral part of many companies’ big data strategy, but often only data scientists or programmers have access to the data stored in Hadoop. They can spend a huge amount of their time coding queries for users and often it takes several attempts to refine the query, wasting valuable time for the business.

What if you could connect your business users directly to all of the data stored in Hadoop using the data reporting and visualization tools they already know and love? There would be no time lag in providing usable knowledge to business users, enabling them to drive real value from the data and ultimately ROI for your big data project.

Kognitio runs on Hadoop as a YARN application and can run alongside your existing SQL on Hadoop solution so when you need high speed and high concurrency querying, Kognitio can deliver.

Powerful performance

Kognitio was designed specifically for an analytical workload and its ultra-fast processing and high concurrency means you can meet the expectations of your user community for analytical performance.

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