Kognitio for Chief Data Officers

Maintaining a competitive edge through data

Kognitio is trusted by the C-suite because we help you gain real ROI from your big data investment. We do this by monetizing your big data across your wider business and not just keeping it to a few rare and expensive data scientists. Allowing business users to query big data directly opens the possibility that expensive platforms can be retired.

Kognitio provides big data solutions to businesses with complex data needs. Our effortlessly scalable, highly performing in-memory data analytics platform can run on commodity hardware either standalone or as part of a Hadoop cluster.

Create revenue from your data

Powerful performance and rapid access to information. we give users fast and reliable ways to query huge volumes of data – with standard SQL or SQL plus scripting languages, such as R and Python – and gain insight in near real-time that would previously have taken hours or even days to extract.

Ultra-fast query processing means your business makes decisions faster

Run ad hoc analyses on big data wherever it is held

No vendor lock in. Use Kognitio on premises, on Hadoop or in the cloud

Faster, more accurate insights for your business

Kognitio supports your data professionals to access the data and carry out their job in the most productive way possible. We understand the real data challenges our clients face and help them tap into the full potential of that data. Whether your business records billions of transactions a day, tracks consumer habits, or even if your data is locked in legacy systems spanning decades, whatever your data needs are, Kognitio can help you extract accurate analysis at speed, helping you to make the decisions that really count to your business.

Run analytical projects that you thought impossible

Companies use Kognitio when their existing platforms cannot perform to the scale and/or speed required for their big data analytics. If your business needs to discover new insights, very fast, then choose Kognitio.

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