Kognitio for Data Analytics Service Providers

Data is your business

Allowing your clients to query data in the fastest, most reliable manner, and being able to scale your customer base without affecting delivery performance is crucial.

Kognitio is used by many data analytics solutions providers to improve and enhance their self-service analytics systems. With Kognitio, interactive train of thought querying is possible on big data, for hundreds of concurrent users running both simple and complex queries. This means you can offer your clients faster and better decisions from your analytics service, giving you and your clients a competitive advantage.

Get access to a simple, flexible and extensible platform for analytics

Clients use Kognitio as a layer on which to build new analytical solutions which otherwise would not have been feasible because of poor speed and concurrency of existing platforms.

Address large data volumes to access the right information at the right time

Reduce the cost of building and administering your environment

Drive growth, performance, competitive advantage and profitability

In-memory analytics accelerator

Grow faster and exceed the expectations of your clients with ultra-fast, high concurrency queries.

Build better analytics offerings

Your customers demand a lot from your services. They want faster insights to make the right decisions for their business, and they want them now.

Kognitio enables analytics service providers to give clients access to their massive data sets and is scalable so those data sets and the number of clients can grow over time without affecting performance. Kognitio can handle billions of lines of data, running complex concurrent SQL queries over the entire data set and return the results in near real time.

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